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Q21. An administrator needs to give another engineer access to create and manage fabric groups and create and manage endpoints, but needs to make sure they do not have access to system event logs. 

What role is required? 

A. IaaS Administrator 

B. Fabric Administrator 

C. System Administrator 

D. Account Administrator 


Q22. An auditor needs a list of all events from the last six months. Company policies do not allow the auditor to login to the system. 

How can the administrator give the auditor the events required? 

A. From the Recent Events screen, export to a HTML page. 

B. From the Recent Events screen, export to a csv file. 

C. From the Audit Log screen, export to a csv file. 

D. From the Audit Log screen, export to a HTML page. 


Q23. How can an administrator make a commonly used development environment available for end-users to deploy? 

A. Use vCenter Server templates to deploy the virtual machines needed for the service. 

B. Use the Service Catalog to publish the virtual machines needed for the service. 

C. Use the vCloud Connector to deploy the virtual machines needed for the service. 

D. Use vRealize Application Services to deploy the virtual machines needed for the service. 


Q24. What is a prerequisite for system administrators being able to add tenant administrators? 

A. The configuration of Identity Stores. 

B. The installation of IaaS. 

C. The creation of an IaaS administrator. 

D. The creation of an Infrastructure administrator. 


Q25. What is required for a tenant to manage an item in vRealize Automation that was created by a vRealize Orchestrator workflow? 

A. A provisioned resource 

B. A resource mapping 

C. A resource action 

D. A published service blueprint 


Q26. Which value should be entered for the default tenant when configuring the SSO settings on the vRealize Automation Appliance? 

A. vsphere.local 

B. system-domain 

C. system.local 

D. vsphere-local 


Q27. The Goal Navigator assists administrators in which two ways? (Choose two.) 

A. Lists all the steps to complete the tasks. 

B. Lists all the prerequisites to complete the task. 

C. Validates that a task has been successfully completed. 

D. Provides details on how to complete the forms for a task. 

Answer: A,B 

Q28. Which step should an administrator take to avoid conflict on a subnet between vRealize Automation Network Profiles and existing workloads? 

A. Enable DHCP on the Network Profile. 

B. Upload a CSV file with the existing IP addresses and host names to the Network Profile. 

C. Manually mark IP addresses as used. 

D. Enable the Shared Network flag in the Network Profile. 


Q29. Refer to the Exhibit. 

An IaaS administrator is unable to remove the Payload01 cluster from the Fabric Group shown in the exhibit. 

Based on the exhibit, what could be the cause of the problem? 

A. The cluster is assigned to one or more Reservations. 

B. The cluster is assigned to one or more Reservation Policies. 

C. The administrator doesn't have the required permissions to remove clusters from the Fabric Group. 

D. To remove a cluster from a Fabric Group the hosts must be in maintenance mode. 


Q30. As part of a capacity planning exercise, a user needs a report of all reservations for all Business Groups within the user's department including the percentage used for machine quota, memory, and storage for powered-on virtual machines. 

How should the user collect the data for this report? 

A. As a fabric administrator, select the columns needed in the Reservation work area and export the data in a convenientform. 

B. Request that each Business Group Manager provide the Reservation data for the user's department and combine the results. 

C. Request that the database administrator pull the data needed from the appropriate database view exporting in CSV format. 

D. As a fabric administrator, run the Reservation Summary Report from the Reports section in vRealize Automation.