[Virtual] JK0-802 CompTIA test engine 31-40 (Jun 2016)

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2016 Jun JK0-802 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. A user’s computer keeps producing a “low virtual memory” alert and the speed of the system degrades afterwards. Which of the following Control Panel locations can provide information to review and correct this issue? 

A. System > Remote 

B. System > Hardware 

C. System > System Restore 

D. System > Advanced 

Answer: D 

Q32. Which of the following resources is MOST important for accessing remote virtual environments on a client machine? 

A. Network speed 

B. CPU speed 

C. High speed memory 

D. Drive space 

Answer: A 

Q33. A user reports that they cleared a paper jam and now cannot print. The technician reseats the paper and then prints a test page from the printer. A test page sent from the workstation does not print. Which of the following actions should the technician take FIRST? 

A. Clear the print queue. 

B. Check the printer connection. 

C. Reboot the computer. 

D. Stop and start the printer. 

Answer: A 

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Q34. A customer is concerned about a computer that repeatedly beeps when attempting to power on. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause? 

A. Network cable is unplugged 

B. USB 2.0 is plugged into USB 1.1 port 

C. RAM not seated properly 

D. Optical media was left in the drive 

Answer: C 

Q35. A user wants to quickly install the most recent security patch released. Which of the following options can be selected from the Windows Update website? 

A. Custom settings 

B. Advanced settings 

C. Automatic settings 

D. Express settings 

Answer: D 

Q36. A consultant is looking to consolidate six company servers onto one physical system. Which of the following requirements is MOST important on the new setup to ensure stable functionality of the virtual environment? 

A. Client hardware requirements 

B. Server software security requirements 

C. Server hardware resources 

D. Network resources 

Answer: C 

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Q37. A user is installing Windows 7 on a PC with a RAID card. The user has verified all of the cables are connected correctly, but the installation media does not detect any hard drives. Which of the following should the user do to help detect the hard drives? 

A. Press F8 when prompted 

B. Hit the refresh button to force a re-detect 

C. Enable PATA in the BIOS 

D. Select load driver 

Answer: D 

Q38. Which of the following tools and test equipment is routinely magnetized and should be used with caution around magnetic media? 

A. Screwdrivers 

B. Power supply testers 

C. Cable testers 

D. Pliers 

Answer: A 

Q39. Which of the following tools would be used to connect CAT5e cabling to a patch panel? 

A. Punch down 

B. Wire strippers 

C. Loopback plugs 

D. Crimper 

Answer: A 

Q40. A technician needs to format a file system to be compatible with the WIDEST range of operating systems. Which of the following file systems should be used? 


B. FAT16 


D. FAT32 

Answer: D 

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