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Q141. – (Topic 2) 

Which of the following can be used when risk opportunity is identified? 

A. Mitigation 

B. Avoidance 

C. Exploiting 

D. Acceptance 


Q142. – (Topic 3) 

A two year project is three months away from launch when a new change is introduced. Once the project manager performs an impact analysis, which of the following should be done NEXT? 

A. Determine new milestones 

B. Update the project plan 

C. Meet with the stakeholders 

D. Level the resources 


Q143. – (Topic 2) 

After receiving a change request from project sponsors, which of the following should be completed FIRST? 

A. Conduct an impact analysis of the change. 

B. Receive approval of change from stakeholders. 

C. Adjust the project plan to show the change. 

D. Request a budget adjustment due to change. 


Q144. – (Topic 2) 

Which of the following is part of the project closure phase? 

A. Review historical documentation 

B. Log change requests 

C. Release resources 

D. Renew contracts 


Q145. – (Topic 3) 

While working on a project, senior management has requested a special report be created and distributed. This was not previously included in the communication management plan. Which of the following should the project manager do FIRST? 

A. Immediately incorporate the request into the plan. 

B. Delegate the creation of the report to a team member. 

C. Add the request to the project manager’s responsibilities. 

D. Generate a change request to be submitted. 


Q146. – (Topic 2) 

In a project manager’s status report, it shows an earned value of $40,000 and actual costs of $39,000 with a planned value of $55,000. Which of the following is the Cost Performance Index (CPI) of this project and is it ahead or behind schedule? 

A. CPI = 1.38, ahead of schedule 

B. CPI = 0.72, behind schedule 

C. CPI = 1.03, behind schedule 

D. CPI = 0.98, ahead of schedule 


Q147. – (Topic 3) 

A project manager is asked to provide regular status updates to executive management regarding the current project. To effectively manage the distribution of these updates, which of the following should the project manager MOST likely refer to? 

A. Lessons learned library 

B. Stakeholder register 

C. Issue log 

D. Meeting agendas 


Q148. – (Topic 2) 

A project manager is assembling a project team. Which of the following will be MOST effective in ensuring team members contribute appropriately to the team? 

A. Communicate stakeholder expectations 

B. Define roles and responsibilities 

C. Address team conflicts as they arise 

D. Schedule regular team building exercises 


Q149. – (Topic 2) 

Which of the following is contained in the WBS dictionary? 

A. Responsibility matrix 

B. Key performance indicators 

C. Account identifiers 

D. Project stakeholders 


Q150. – (Topic 2) 

Which of the following are common components of a transition plan? 

A. Warranties, user support center, knowledge transfer, and transition dates 

B. Extended support, warranties, user support center, and knowledge transfer 

C. Transition dates, training, extended support, and warranties 

D. Training, extended support, warranties, and user support center