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Drag and drop the OAM protocol listed on the left to the correct standard on the right. Not all options will be used. 


Q92. Refer to the exhibit. A customer is running IS-IS within a network and is using BGP as a CE-PE routing protocol. Which action allows CE1 to get the subnet over the CE1-PE1 link, regardless of whether there is a flap in the MPLS link or backdoor link? 

A. Configure the neighbor <PE1-IP>weight 33768 command on CE1 under the BGP process. 

B. Configure the distance bgp 115 200 200 command on CE1 under the BGP process. 

C. Configure the distance 30 ip command on CE1 under the IS-IS process. 

D. Configure the distance bgp 115 200 200 command on CE2 under the BGP process. 

E. Configure the neighbor <PE1-IP>weight 33768 command on CE2 under the BGP process. 


Q93. An engineer wants to configure Fast Reroute in the network. Which methodology eliminates RSVP configuration in the network? 

A. Enable LDP Fast Synch. 

B. Enable IP Fast Reroute. 

C. Enable the auto tunnel primary feature. 

D. Enable Cisco MPLS TE Fast Reroute. 

E. Enable the auto tunnel backup feature. 




Q94. Which QoS method is available when GRE is used to provide MPLS VPN services over an IP-only core? 

A. matching MPLS EXP on the physical interface 

B. matching EXP on the tunnel interface 

C. matching DSCP on the physical interface 

D. matching DSCP on the tunnel interface 


Q95. Which two statements about forwarding equivalence class (FEC) are true? (Choose two) 

A. FEC might correspond to a destination IP subnet, but it might also correspond to any traffic class that the edge LSR considers significant. 

B. FEC is a group of IP packets that is forwarded over a different path, but with the same forwarding treatment. 

C. FEC is a group of IP packets that is forwarded over the same path, and with the same forwarding treatment. 

D. FEC is a group of IP packets that is forwarded over a different path, but with the different forwarding treatment. 

E. FEC is a group of IP packets that is forwarded over the same path, but with a different forwarding treatment. 

Answer: A,C 

Q96. Which BGP feature improves the convergence and response time to adjacency changes with BGP neighbors? 

A. Fast Peering Session Deactivation 

B. BGP Multihop 

C. reducing BGP scanner timing to the minimum that is supported 

D. TTL Security Check 

E. Next-Hop Address Tracking 


Q97. An IS-IS enabled router with multiple IS-IS neighbors is required to have BFD sessions with all neighbors. Which BFD mode should you use when you want to save the overhead of periodic protocol control packets? 

A. echo 

B. asynchronous 

C. demand 

D. active 


Explanation: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5880#section-3.1 RFC – 5880 

Q98. Two MPLS VPN customers want to acquire Internet access. They make use of overlapping address space but do not want to use NAT on the CPEs. Which action satisfies this requirement? 

A. Configure each VRF with a default route in the global table by using a static route toward each customer's range, pointing to the customer interface in the global table. 

B. Configure VRF-aware NAT with a default route in the global table for each VRF that requires it 

C. Configure a separate PE-CE subinterface that terminates in the global routing table on the PE. 

D. Configure the Internet upstream interface inside a VRF, Which becomes an extranet VRF to which customers join and make use of NAT in this VRF. 


Q99. Which is the RP address of the IPv6 multicast address FF76:0:130:1234:5678:9abc::4321? 

A. 4321:5678:9abc::30 

B. 4321:5678:9abc::13 

C. 1234:5678:9abc::130 

D. 1234:5678:9abc::1 

E. 1234:5678:9abc::13 


Explanation: Reference: 

http://www.netcraftsmen.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/20090429-CMU-Introduction_to_IP_Multicast.pdf page 53 

Q100. Refer to the exhibit. Which IOS command under the BGP VPNv4 address family implements a secondary backup path to the destination 

A. maximum-paths ibgp2 

B. bgp additional-paths install 

C. bgp recursion host 

D. bgp advertise-best-external 


Explanation: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/routers/crs/software/crs_r4-2/routing/command/reference/b_routing_cr42crs/b_routing_cr42crs_chapter_01.html#wp28 41279186