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Exam Code: 312-50 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures (CEHv6)
Certification Provider: EC-Council
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Q91. Jane has just accessed her preferred e-commerce web site and she has seen an item she would like to buy. Jane considers the price a bit too steep; she looks at the page source code and decides to save the page locally to modify some of the page variables. In the context of web application security, what do you think Jane has changed? 

A. An integer variable 

B. A 'hidden' price value 

C. A 'hidden' form field value 

D. A page cannot be changed locally; it can only be served by a web server 

Answer: C

Explanation: Changing hidden form values is possible when a web site is poorly built and is trusting the visitors computer to submit vital data, like the price of a product, to the database. 

Q92. _____ ensures that the enforcement of organizational security policy does not rely on voluntary web application user compliance. It secures information by assigning sensitivity labels on information and comparing this to the level of security a user is operating at. 

A. Mandatory Access Control 

B. Authorized Access Control 

C. Role-based Access Control 

D. Discretionary Access Control 

Answer: A

Explanation : In computer security, mandatory access control (MAC) is a kind of access control, defined by the TCSEC as "a means of restricting access to objects based on the sensitivity (as represented by a label) of the information contained in the objects and the formal authorization (i.e., clearance) of subjects to access information of such sensitivity." 

Q93. What is Hunt used for? 

A. Hunt is used to footprint networks 

B. Hunt is used to sniff traffic 

C. Hunt is used to hack web servers 

D. Hunt is used to intercept traffic i.e. man-in-the-middle traffic 

E. Hunt is used for password cracking 

Answer: D

Explanation: Hunt can be used to intercept traffic. It is useful with telnet, ftp, and others to grab traffic between two computers or to hijack sessions. 

Q94. ABC.com is legally liable for the content of email that is sent from its systems, regardless of whether the message was sent for private or business-related purpose. This could lead to prosecution for the sender and for the company’s directors if, for example, outgoing email was found to contain material that was pornographic, racist or likely to incite someone to commit an act of terrorism. 

You can always defend yourself by “ignorance of the law” clause. 

A. True 

B. False 

Answer: B

Explanation: Ignorantia juris non excusat or Ignorantia legis neminem excusat (Latin for "ignorance of the law does not excuse" or "ignorance of the law excuses no one") is a public policy holding that a person who is unaware of a law may not escape liability for violating that law merely because he or she was unaware of its content; that is, persons have presumed knowledge of the law. Presumed knowledge of the law is the principle in jurisprudence that one is bound by a law even if one does not know of it. It has also been defined as the "prohibition of ignorance of the law". 

Topic 2, Footprinting 

Q95. Jim is having no luck performing a penetration test in company’s network. He is running the tests from home and has downloaded every security scanner that he could lay his hands on. Despite knowing the IP range of all the systems, and the exact network configuration, Jim is unable to get any useful results. 

Why is Jim having these problems? 

A. Security scanners are not designed to do testing through a firewall. 

B. Security scanners cannot perform vulnerability linkage. 

C. Security scanners are only as smart as their database and cannot find unpublished vulnerabilities. 

D. All of the above. 

Answer: D

Explanation: The Security scanners available online are often to “outdated” to perform a live pentest against a victim. 

Q96. E-mail scams and mail fraud are regulated by which of the following? 

A. 18 U.S.C. par. 1030 Fraud and Related activity in connection with Computers 

B. 18 U.S.C. par. 1029 Fraud and Related activity in connection with Access Devices 

C. 18 U.S.C. par. 1362 Communication Lines, Stations, or Systems 

D. 18 U.S.C. par. 2510 Wire and Electronic Communications Interception and Interception of Oral Communication 

Answer: A

Explanation: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/html/uscode18/usc_sec_18_00001030—-000-.html 

Q97. On wireless networks, SSID is used to identify the network. Why are SSID not considered to be a good security mechanism to protect a wireless networks? 

A. The SSID is only 32 bits in length. 

B. The SSID is transmitted in clear text. 

C. The SSID is the same as the MAC address for all vendors. 

D. The SSID is to identify a station, not a network. 

Answer: B

Explanation: The SSID IS constructed to identify a network, it IS NOT the same as the MAC address and SSID’s consists of a maximum of 32 alphanumeric characters. 

Q98. Oregon Corp is fighting a litigation suit with Scamster Inc. Oregon has assigned a private investigative agency to go through garbage, recycled paper, and other rubbish at Scamster's office site in order to find relevant information. What would you call this kind of activity? 

A. Garbage Scooping 

B. Dumpster Diving 

C. Scanning 

D. CI Gathering 

Answer: B

Explanation: Dumpster diving is the colloquial name for going through somebody's garbage –which will usually be in dumpsters for large organizations. This is a powerful tactic because it is protected by social taboos. Trash is bad, and once it goes into the trash, something is best forgotten. The reality is that most company trash is fairly clean, and provides a gold mine of information. 

Q99. What type of Virus is shown here? 

A. Cavity Virus 

B. Macro Virus 

C. Boot Sector Virus 

D. Metamorphic Virus 

E. Sparse Infector Virus 

Answer: E

Q100. Charlie is an IT security consultant that owns his own business in Denver. Charlie has recently been hired by Fleishman Robotics, a mechanical engineering company also in Denver. After signing service level agreements and other contract papers, Charlie asks to look over the current company security policies. Based on these policies, Charlie compares the policies against what is actually in place to secure the company's network. From this information, Charlie is able to produce a report to give to company executives showing which areas the company is lacking in. This report then becomes the basis for all of Charlie's remaining tests. 

What type of initial analysis has Charlie performed to show the company which areas it needs improvements in? 

A. Charlie has performed a BREACH analysis; showing the company where its weak points are 

B. This analysis would be considered a vulnerability analysis 

C. This type of analysis is called GAP analysis 

D. This initial analysis performed by Charlie is called an Executive Summary 

Answer: C

Explanation: In business and economics, gap analysis is a tool that helps a company to compare its actual performance with its potential performance. 

At its core are two questions: "Where are we?" and "Where do we want to be?".