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Q1. A customer requires wireless traffic from the branch to be routed through the firewall at corporate headquarters. There is a RADIUS server in each branch location. Which FlexConnect state should be used in this scenario? 

A. local authentication and local switching 

B. local authentication and central switching 

C. central authentication and central switching 

D. central authentication and local switching 


Q2. A customer has limited staff to manage a wireless network. The customer wants a solution that requires minimum hardware. Which type of architecture do you propose? 

A. centralized 

B. distributed 

C. cloud-based 

D. unified 


Q3. A customer requires that an SSID is broadcasted to specific access points that use certain interfaces. Which feature can be used to achieve this goal? 

A. mobility groups 

B. flex-connect groups 

C. interface groups 

D. AP groups 




One of your colleagues has setup a test network in the lab to simulate a new building atone of your regional offices. Your team is testing AP failover. Your colleague has requested you to configure the WLCs so that in the event of a loss of one of the WLCsthe other wings APs will fail over to the remaining WLC. 

The APs on the East-WLC-2504A should fail over to the West-WLC2-2504A, and the APs on the West-WLC2-2504A should fail over to the East-WLC-2504A. 

Set the priority of the APs so the backup controller recognizes the join request from the higher-priority AP and if necessary disassociates a lower-priority AP to provide access to an available port. 

Not all menus, tabs and features are supported. 



Q5. VoWLAN implementation plans for a current mix of existing Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phones 7920G and 7921G to a final migration of Wireless IP Phones 7925G in a single WLAN. What would be the most appropriate WLC WLAN configuration to end with Wireless IP Phones 7925G? 

A. 7920 Client CAC = enabled only; Radio Policy = All; WMM = Disabled 

B. 7920 AP CAC = enabled only; Radio Policy = All; WMM = Allowed 

C. 7920 Client CAC = enabled only; Radio Policy = 802.11a only; WMM = Disabled 

D. 7920 AP CAC = enabled only; Radio Policy = 802.11a only; WMM = Allowed 

E. 7920 Client CAC = enabled only; Radio Policy = 802.11b/g only; WMM = Disabled 

F. 7920 AP CAC = enabled only; Radio Policy = 802.11b/g only; WMM = Allowed 


Q6. A customer has "quiet" wireless clients that use static IP addresses. Which two WLAN configurations are required for these wireless clients to connect properly? (Choose two.) 

A. Disable DHCP address assignment required. 

B. Enable passive client. 

C. Disable allow AAA override. 

D. Enable static IP tunneling. 

E. Disable DHCP server override. 

Answer: A,E 

Q7. Which show command will show whether a WLAN is locally or centrally switched on a Cisco Wireless Lan Controller? 

A. show ap config general Cisco_AP 

B. show wlan wlan_id 

C. show flexconnect summary 

D. show flexconnect group detail 


Q8. Which of the following is not a Cisco RF fingerprinting key advantage over Location Tracking? 

A. Uses existing LWAPP-enabled Cisco Unified Networking components. 

B. Proprietary client hardware or software is required. 

C. Better accuracy and precision. 

D. Reduced calibration effort. 


Q9. A network engineer must ensure that corporate wireless users have a better experience than guest wireless users. Which two configurations fulfil requirement? (Choose two.) 

A. Override per-SSID bandwidth contracts on the corporate WLAN to reserve bandwidth. 

B. Modify the corporate WLAN to the Platinum QoS policy. 

C. Enable 802.1ptag on the Gold QoS pofccyto honor prioritized traffic. 

D. Adjust the guest WLAN radio policy to 80211 b/g only. 

E. Change the guest WLAN to the Bronze QoS policy. 

Answer: B,E 

Q10. What are two functions of the RAP in a mesh network? (Choose two.) 

A. It provides a wired connection for the wireless mesh APs. 

B. It adds capacity and resilience to a mesh area. 

C. it creates a centralized management location for the mesh network. 

D. it reduces the hop count to the wireless network that is connected to the edge. 

E. it routes traffic from the wireless mesh to the wired network. 

Answer: B,D