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Q341. A program has been discovered that infects a critical Windows system executable and stays dormant in memory. When a Windows mobile phone is connected to the host, the program infects the phone’s boot loader and continues to target additional Windows PCs or phones. Which of the following malware categories BEST describes this program? 

A. Zero-day 

B. Trojan 

C. Virus 

D. Rootkit 



A computer virus is a program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and runs against your wishes. Viruses can also replicate themselves. All computer viruses are man-made. A simple virus that can make a copy of itself over and over again is relatively easy to produce. Even such a simple virus is dangerous because it will quickly use all available memory and bring the system to a halt. An even more dangerous type of virus is one capable of transmitting itself across networks and bypassing security systems. Some people distinguish between general viruses and worms. A worm is a special type of virus that can replicate itself and use memory, but cannot attach itself to other programs. 

Q342. Which of the following concepts defines the requirement for data availability? 

A. Authentication to RADIUS 

B. Non-repudiation of email messages 

C. Disaster recovery planning 

D. Encryption of email messages 



A disaster-recovery plan, or scheme, helps an organization respond effectively when a disaster occurs. Disasters may include system failure, network failure, infrastructure failure, and natural disaster. The primary emphasis of such a plan is reestablishing services and minimizing losses. 

Q343. Which of the following types of application attacks would be used to specifically gain unauthorized information from databases that did not have any input validation implemented? 

A. SQL injection 

B. Session hijacking and XML injection 

C. Cookies and attachments 

D. Buffer overflow and XSS 



To access information in databases, you use SQL. To gain unauthorized information from databases, a SQL Injection attack is used. 

SQL injection is a code injection technique, used to attack data-driven applications, in which malicious SQL statements are inserted into an entry field for execution (e.g. to dump the database contents to the attacker). SQL injection must exploit a security vulnerability in an application's software, for example, when user input is either incorrectly filtered for string literal escape characters embedded in SQL statements or user input is not strongly typed and unexpectedly executed. SQL injection is mostly known as an attack vector for websites but can be used to attack any type of SQL database. 

Q344. Developers currently have access to update production servers without going through an approval process. Which of the following strategies would BEST mitigate this risk? 

A. Incident management 

B. Clean desk policy 

C. Routine audits 

D. Change management 



Change Management is a risk mitigation approach and refers to the structured approach that is followed to secure a company’s assets. This structured approach involves policies that should be in place and technological controls that should be enforced. 

Q345. Which of the following passwords is the LEAST complex? 

A. MyTrain!45 

B. Mytr@in!! 

C. MyTr@in12 

D. MyTr@in#8 



Password policies often enforce a minimum of three out of four standard character types, which includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Although this option includes three of the four character types, it does not include numbers, which makes it less complex than the other options. 

Q346. A security administrator is auditing a database server to ensure the correct security measures are in place to protect the data. Some of the fields consist of people's first name, last name, home address, date of birth and mothers last name. Which of the following describes this type of data? 



C. Low 

D. Public 



Q347. A system administrator wants to confidentially send a user name and password list to an individual outside the company without the information being detected by security controls. Which of the following would BEST meet this security goal? 

A. Digital signatures 

B. Hashing 

C. Full-disk encryption 

D. Steganography 



Q348. A network administrator is asked to send a large file containing PII to a business associate. 

Which of the following protocols is the BEST choice to use? 







SFTP encrypts authentication and data traffic between the client and server by making use of SSH to provide secure FTP communications. As a result, SFTP offers protection for both the authentication traffic and the data transfer taking place between a client and server. 

Q349. Sara, a hacker, is completing a website form to request a free coupon. The site has a field that limits the request to 3 or fewer coupons. While submitting the form, Sara runs an application on her machine to intercept the HTTP POST command and change the field from 3 coupons to 30. 

Which of the following was used to perform this attack? 

A. SQL injection 

B. XML injection 

C. Packet sniffer 

D. Proxy 



When a web user takes advantage of a weakness with SQL by entering values that they should not, it is known as a SQL injection attack. Similarly, when the user enters values that query XML (known as XPath) with values that take advantage of exploits, it is known as an XML injection attack. XPath works in a similar manner to SQL, except that it does not have the same levels of access control, and taking advantage of weaknesses within can return entire documents. The best way to prevent XML injection attacks is to filter the user’s input and sanitize it to make certain that it does not cause XPath to return more data than it should. 

Q350. An IT director is looking to reduce the footprint of their company’s server environment. They have decided to move several internally developed software applications to an alternate environment, supported by an external company. Which of the following BEST describes this arrangement? 

A. Infrastructure as a Service 

B. Storage as a Service 

C. Platform as a Service 

D. Software as a Service 



Cloud users install operating-system images and their application software on the cloud infrastructure to deploy their applications. In this model, the cloud user patches and maintains the operating systems and the application software.