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Q101. A customer is reporting that after removing a laptop from the docking station and bringing it home, the cursor occasionally jumps around the screen while the customer is typing. Which of the following should the technician do to mitigate this issue?

A. Disable the touch pad on the laptop

B. Install new keyboard drivers for the laptop

C. Install new drivers for the docking station

D. Disable the keyboard on the laptop

Answer:: A

Q102. Which of the following monitor technologies provide the widest viewing angle with rich colors and consistent backlighting? (Select TWO).

A. Light Emitting Diode

B. In-Plane Switching

C. Plasma

D. Twisted Nematic

E. Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp

Answer: A,B

Q103. A technician has upgraded the BIOS of a system that is running with multiple hard drives. Afterward, the system will not boot and displays an error message “Operating system not found”. Which of the following is the FIRST thing the technician should inspect?

A. The hard drive type settings in the BIOS

B. The power supply connections to the hard drives

C. The boot sequence settings in the BIOS

D. The motherboard SATA connectors

Answer: C

Q104. A user reports the cursor jumps around when typing in documents on a new laptop. Which of the following is MOST likely causing the issue?

A. Touchpad settings

B. Screen calibration

C. Incompatible software

D. Unsigned hardware

Answer: A

Q105. Under normal circumstances, which of the following wireless standards provides the slowest transfer speed at 2.4GHz?

A. 802.11a 

B. 802.11b 

C. 802.11g 

D. 802.11n

Answer: B

Q106. Which of the following technologies can be accessed through the DisplayPort? (Select TWO).




D. FireWire


Answer: C,E

Q107. Which of the following memory types is primarily used in laptops?





Answer: D

Q108. Which of the following network devices filters traffic of many different protocols based on a predetermined set of rules established by a system administrator?

A. Proxy

B. Switch

C. Firewall

D. Router

Answer: C

Q109. A user is searching for a piano keyboard to connect to a PC. The user would like the keyboard to communicate with the PC. Which of the following features should the user look for on a piano keyboard to BEST facilitate this?





Answer: A

Q110. A small office would like to offer Internet access to customers while onsite. However, customers should not be able to access any corporate data. Which of the following networking features would BEST enable this?

A. Configure a guest wireless network

B. Implement a DMZ

C. Disable NAT on the wireless network

D. Disable the SSID

E. Assign static IPs for all devices

Answer: A

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