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2016 Sep 352-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q121. Service provider XYZ plans to provide dedicated Internet access and MPLS L3VPN services to business customers. XYZ has these design specifications: 

.  MP-BGP running on the core MPLS P routers with external Internet routes. 

. The core network will include 16 Point of Presence IP POPs throughout the Asia-Pacific region. . An additional nine non-P routers will use EBGP peering with multiple providers for Internet traffic. . An additional 50 PE routers will provide end customers with dedicated Internet access and L3VPN services throughout the Asia-Pacific region. 

In what two ways can the MP-BGP be removed from the MPLS P core routers and still provide dedicated Internet access and MPLS L3VPN services? (Choose two.) 

A. Disable BGP from the MPLS core P routers and have the MPLS core P routers run OSPF and LDP. 

B. Enable separate BGP control plane routers using a route reflector server concept that will be fully meshed with peer route reflector servers and have clients as MPLS PE routers and EBGP peering routers. 

C. Enable all EBGP routers as route reflector servers and MPLS PE routers as their clients. 

D. It is not possible to disable BGP from the MPLS core P routers without impacting the dedicated Internet access and MPLS L3VPN services. 

Answer: BC 

Q122. You have been hired by Acme Corporation to evaluate their existing network and determine if the current network design is secure enough to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. When evaluating the network, which switch security option should you investigate to ensure that authorized ARP responses take place according to known IP-to-MAC address mapping? 

A. ARP rate limiting 

B. DHCP snooping 

C. Dynamic ARP Inspections 

D. IP Source Guard 

Answer: C 

Q123. A service provider has a Resilient Ethernet Protocol ring running as a metro backbone between its locations in one city. A customer wants to connect one site with one box redundant to theResilient Ethernet Protocol ring at two different service provider locations. How can this be done without producing any Layer 2 loops within the network design? 

A. Spanning tree at the service provider side only must be enabled. 

B. Spanning tree at the customer side only must be enabled. 

C. Flex Links at the service provider side only must be enabled. 

D. Flex Links at the customer side only must be enabled. 

E. EtherChannel at the service provider side and the customer side must be enabled. 

F. Spanning tree at the service provider side and the customer side must be enabled. 

G. Flex Links at the service provider side and the customer side must be enabled. 

Answer: D 

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Q124. Which two OSPF design considerations should you implement to support the eventual growth of a network, so that CPU and memory are unaffected by the size and complexity of the link-state database in a large service provider network? (Choose two.) 

A. Turn on route dampening. 

B. Create network summaries. 

C. Turn on the Incremental SPF feature. 

D. Add more memory. 

E. Turn on packet pacing. 

F. Add redundancy between critical locations. 

Answer: CE 

Q125. Which three methods allow storage access across an IP network? (Choose three.) 


B. Fiber Channel over GRE 

C. Fiber Channel over L2TPv3 



Answer: ADE 

Q126. Your customer asks you to assist with their traffic policy design. They want to guarantee a minimum amount of bandwidth to certain traffic classes. Which technique would you advise them to implement? 

A. Modular QoS CLI 

B. committed accessrRate 

C. policy-based routing 

D. traffic shaping 

Answer: A 


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Q127. Acme Corporation wants to minimize the risk of users plugging unauthorized switches and hubs into the network. Which two features can be used on the LAN access ports to support this design requirement? (Choose two.) 

A. BPDU Guard 

B. PortFast 

C. Loop Guard 

D. Port Security 


Answer: AD 

Q128. You have designed a network to support two offices connected by a T1. Your router serial interfaces will be configured with encapsulation PPP. What will happen to your EIGRP neighbors if there is an LCP failure once your network is implemented? 

A. Your neighbors will drop after the EIGRP timers expire. 

B. Your neighbors will stay up because the link has not gone down. 

C. Your neighbors will drop immediately. 

D. Your neighbors will drop and EIGRP will begin the query process. 

Answer: D 

Q129. Refer to the exhibit. 

Your junior design engineer presents this configuration design. What is the next-hop router for CE3, and why? 

A. CE1. BGP weight is higher than CE2. 

B. CE2. EBGP administrative distance is lower than RIP. 

C. CE2. The link between CE2 and PE1 has more bandwidth than CE1-to-PE1. 

D. CE1. HSRP on CE1 is in active state. 

Answer: D 

Q130. Refer to the exhibit. 

This new OSPF network has four areas, but the hub-and-spoke area experiences frequent flapping. You must fix this design failure. Which two mechanisms can you use to isolate the data center area from the hub-and-spoke area without losing IP connectivity? (Choose two.) 

A. Make the DC area totally stub. 

B. Make the DC area an NSSA. 

C. Convert the DC area to EIGRP protocol. 

D. Deploy a prefix summarization on router D. 

E. Use OSPF distribute-list filtering on router A. 

Answer: AD 

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