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Q21. – (Topic 14) 

An administrator has formed a high availability cluster involving two FortiGate units. 

[ Multiple upstream Layer 2 switches] — [ FortiGate HA Cluster ] — [ Multiple downstream Layer 2 switches ] 

The administrator wishes to ensure that a single link failure will have minimal impact upon the overall throughput of traffic through this cluster. 

Which of the following options describes the best step the administrator can take? 

The administrator should _____________________. 

A. Increase the number of FortiGate units in the cluster and configure HA in active-active mode. 

B. Enable monitoring of all active interfaces. 

C. Set up a full-mesh design which uses redundant interfaces. 

D. Configure the HA ping server feature to allow for HA failover in the event that a path is disrupted. 


Q22. – (Topic 12) 

Which statements are correct regarding virtual domains (VDOMs)? (Choose two.) 

A. VDOMs divide a single FortiGate unit into two or more virtual units that each have dedicated memory and CPUs. 

B. A management VDOM handles SNMP, logging, alert email, and FDN-based updates. 

C. VDOMs share firmware versions, as well as antivirus and IPS databases. 

D. Different time zones can be configured in each VDOM. 

Answer: B,C 

Q23. – (Topic 16) 

Examine the following log message for IPS: 

2012-07-01 09:54:28 oid=2 log_id=18433 type=ips subtype=anomaly pri=alert vd=root severity="critical" src="" dst="" src_int="port2" serial=0 status="detected" proto=1 service="icmp" count=1 attack_name="icmp_flood" icmp_id="0xa8a4" icmp_type="0x08" icmp_code="0x00" attack_id=16777316 sensor="1" ref="http://www.fortinet.com/ids/VID16777316" msg="anomaly: icmp_flood, 51 > threshold 50" 

Which statement is correct about the above log? (Choose two.) 

A. The target is 

B. The target is 

C. The attack was NOT blocked. 

D. The attack was blocked. 

Answer: B,C 

Q24. – (Topic 3) 

For traffic that does match any configured firewall policy, what is the default action taken by the FortiGate? 

A. The traffic is allowed and no log is generated. 

B. The traffic is allowed and logged. 

C. The traffic is blocked and no log is generated. 

D. The traffic is blocked and logged. 


Q25. – (Topic 1) 

Which network protocols are supported for administrative access to a FortiGate unit? (Choose three.) 




D. Telnet 


Answer: C,D,E 

Q26. – (Topic 11) 

When does a FortiGate load-share traffic between two static routes to the same destination subnet? 

A. When they have the same cost and distance. 

B. When they have the same distance and the same weight. 

C. When they have the same distance and different priority. 

D. When they have the same distance and same priority. 


Q27. – (Topic 7) 

Which statements regarding banned words are correct? (Choose two.) 

A. Content is automatically blocked if a single instance of a banned word appears. 

B. The FortiGate updates banned words on a periodic basis. 

C. The FortiGate can scan web pages and email messages for instances of banned words. 

D. Banned words can be expressed as simple text, wildcards and regular expressions. 

Answer: C,D 

Q28. – (Topic 12) 

A FortiGate is configured with three virtual domains (VDOMs). Which of the following statements is correct regarding multiple VDOMs? 

A. The FortiGate must be a model 1000 or above to support multiple VDOMs. 

B. A license has to be purchased and applied to the FortiGate before VDOM mode could be enabled. 

C. Changing the operational mode of a VDOM requires a reboot of the FortiGate. 

D. The FortiGate supports any combination of VDOMs in NAT/Route and transparent modes. 


Q29. – (Topic 17) 

With FSSO, a domain user could authenticate either against the domain controller running the collector agent and domain controller agent, or a domain controller running only the domain controller agent. 

If you attempt to authenticate with a domain controller running only the domain controller agent, which statements are correct? (Choose two.) 

A. The login event is sent to the collector agent. 

B. The FortiGate receives the user information directly from the receiving domain controller agent of the secondary domain controller. 

C. The domain collector agent may perform a DNS lookup for the authenticated client's IP address. 

D. The user cannot be authenticated with the FortiGate in this manner because each domain controller agent requires a dedicated collector agent. 

Answer: A,C 

Q30. – (Topic 11) 

A static route is configured for a FortiGate unit from the CLI using the following commands: config router static edit 1 set device "wan1" set distance 20 set gateway next end Which of the following conditions are required for this static default route to be displayed in 

the FortiGate unit’s routing table? (Choose two.) 

A. The administrative status of the wan1 interface is displayed as down. 

B. The link status of the wan1 interface is displayed as up. 

C. All other default routes should have a lower distance. 

D. The wan1 interface address and gateway address are on the same subnet. 

Answer: B,D