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New Adobe 9A0-410 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 4 – Question 13)

Q1. A client needs to modify the u201cGuide LiveCycle Process Locator and Invokeru201d configurations. Why does this change need to be made?

A. The client incoming XML data does not match the output XML

B. The client needs to map data to an AEM Forms workflow process

C. The client output XML data does not match the input XML

D. The client needs to map data to an AEM workflow

Answer: D

Q2. Which script should be used to retrieve every instance of the textfield within a repeating subform?

A. var fields = xfa.host.resolveNodes(u201csubform[*].textfieldu201d);

B. var fields = xfa.resolveNode(u201csubform[*].textfieldu201d);

C. var fields = xfa.resolveNodes(u201csubform.textfield[*]u201d);

D. var fields = xfa.resolveNodes(u201csubform[*].textfieldu201d);

Answer: C

Q3. How should a developer hide the Search pane in the Search and Lister component?

A. Within the component, deselect the Enable Search checkbox

B. Within the component, select the Hide Search checkbox

C. Within the component, select the Disable Search checkbox

D. Within the component, deselect the Show Search checkbox

Answer: C

Q4. The submit action is set on the forms portal. What is the result?

A. Forms use the forms portal submit action over their own embedded submit action

B. Forms that lack their own embedded submit action default to the forms portal action

C. Forms ignore the submit action mentioned in the forms UI for the forms portal action

D. Forms use the action that is under the least amount of load

Answer: A

Q5. A developer must change the structure of the input xml before passing it on to the next service. As a best practice, how should this task be performed?

A. By writing an XSLT

B. By looping through manually in the process

C. By using a lot of setvalue objects

D. By writing code in a script object

Answer: D

Q6. A developer is working a Document of Record template. Which naming convention should be used under the AF_FIELDSSUBFORM subform?

A. AF_<name of the field in all caps>_XFO eg.AF_CHECKBOX_XFO

B. <name of field in all caps>_AF eg.CHECKBOX

C. AF_<name of field in all caps> eg.AF_CHECKBOX

D. AF_<name of field in all caps>_XFO eg.AF_checkBox_XFO

Answer: A

Q7. The following XPath expression is retrieved: attachmentList[0]. What is the result?

A. An index out of bounds error

B. An array of length 1

C. The object at index 0

D. A null pointer error

Answer: A

Q8. Instance Manager must be used to remove a row. Which line of code should be used to perform this task?

A. row_name.instanceManager.removeInstance(this.row_name.instanceIndex);

B. instanceManager.removeInstance(this.row_name.instanceIndex);

C. row_name.instanceManager.removeRow(row_name.instanceIndex);

D. instanceManager.removeInstance();

Answer: D

Q9. A form developer loads an adaptive form without the wcmmode=disabled query string parameter. What is the result?

A. The form does NOT load correctly

B. Apache String throws a null pointer error

C. Apache String throws a missing parameter exception

D. The form loads correctly

Answer: D

Q10. A developer needs to render an adaptive form with a specific locale. The developer cannot use the afAcceptLang and Accept-Language parameter.

Which process should the developer use?

A. Language setting of the user specified in AEM

B. Modify the global dictionary locale

C. Modify the render policies locale

D. Modify the locale in the templates from container

Answer: A

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