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How does territory management differ to role hierarchies?

Answer: Territories need to be enabled by Salesforce.com Territories determine forecast and forecast roll ups

A user can only have one role but can belong to multiple territories Belonging to a territory grants access regardless of ownership

Q72. Which option best identifies with the Chatter Profile Page?

A. Everyone can see what you post here. Displays posts from everyone you're following.

B. Everyone can see what you post here. Only displays posts directed to you.

C. Only users with access rights can viewor post here.

Answer: B

Q73. Your organization sells a product that requires your customers to pay all at once but receive the product in increments. What should be your first step in setting up Product schedules?

A. Enable creationof Quantity Schedules

B. Enable creation of Revenue Schedules

C. Set up default Quantity schedules for Products

D. Set up default Revenue schedules for Products

Answer: C


Org wide default (account) = private; Universal Companies account owned by Karen, Universal Storage account & Universal Containers Account child accounts to Universal Containers and both owned by Bob, Universal Monitors account owned by Sue child account to Universal Storage, Universal Boxes account owned by Mark childaccount of Universal storage.

Answer: Know who can see what.

Q75. Choose the correct statement.

A. Any salesperson can change theirquota at any time.

B. Only users with the appropriate permissions can change their quota.

Answer: B


Is 'Join' available as an option for all groups visible through Chatter?

Answer: No. You can join a public group, but must 'Request to Join' a privategroup. This will generate an email request to the owner or managers of a private group who can then allow you to join.


What type of chart show's proportions of individual groups and displays numerical total?

Answer: A donut chart.

Q78. Your company sells service contracts where the customer pays once a year for a monthly service package. What type of schedule should you set up?

A. Default Quantity Schedule

B. Default Revenue Schedule

C. Default Revenue and Quantity Schedule

D. Don't create any default schedule

Answer: A

Q79. Sales management at Universal Containers needs toprovidechannel partners with easy access to approved product documentation. They also need to notify partners about the material revisions andupdates. How can they achieve these goals in Salesforce?

A. EnableContent in the partner portal and enable Content email alerts for partner users.

B. Enable the Document tab in the partner portal andenable email alerts for partner users.

C. Add the Content relatedlist

Answer: A


8 steps to unlocking your pipeline with opportunities

Answer: 1. Define your sales stages

2. Establish naming conventions

3. Make key fields mandatory

4. Run your forecast meetings with the pipeline report

5. Create “big deal” alerts

6. Use activities and email templates

7. Use the similar opportunities feature

8. Use Chatter to follow specific opportunities