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New Questions 5

Click the Exhibit button.

A customer requires that Distinctive Ringing on a route be allowed.

Which programming within the Customer Data Block (LD 15) indicates the number of times the call receive a distinctive ring before redirection?


B. FNA0, FNA1, and FNA2

C. DFN0, DFN1, and DFN2

D. CRTO, CRT1, and CRT2

Answer: C

New Questions 6

You are using Element Manager to program a Route List Index (RLI).

Which Electronic Switched Network (ESN) parameters must you define to be able to successfully program an RLI?

A. Routing Control (PTCL)

B. Optimal Route (OPRT)

C. Maximum number of route lists (MXRL)

D. Minimum number of route lists (MNRL)

Answer: C

New Questions 7

Due to Directory Number conflicts in the Communication Server 1000 network, the customer wants to route calls by Home Location Codes (HLOC) and Location Codes (LOCs).

Consider the following Home Location Codes.

HLOC for system A = 329 HLOC for system B = 429

What LOC should be provisioned for system A?

A. LOC for System A = 3

B. LOC for System A = 49

C. LOC for System A = 329

D. LOC for System A = 429

Answer: D

New Questions 8

Click the Exhibit button.

Given the customer Route List index shown in the exhibit, what is the first expensive route that a call placed on that RLI could take?

A. Entry 0

B. Entry 1

C. Entry 2

D. Entry 3

Answer: C

New Questions 9

What new prompt is added to an IP set configuration to allow for assigning a set for Zone Based Doling?

A. the ZONE prompt

B. the NUMZONE prompt

C. the DIALPLAN prompt

D. the ZBO prompt

Answer: B

New Questions 10

Click the Exhibit button.

A customeru2019s dialing requirement, listed below, require that all station users assigned an NCOS of 3 and Class of Service of Conditionally Toll Denied (CTD) be able to place toll calls from the United States to Australia.

Australia Country Code: 61 NCOS of 3 has an FRL of 3

Expensive Routers are not being used

With reference to the exhibit, which table will allow all station users to be able to place these toll calls?

A. Provisioning Table A

B. Provisioning Table B

C. Provisioning Table C

D. Provisioning Table D

Answer: B

New Questions 11

With Automatic On-Net to Off-Net Overflow, if all on-net facilities such as TIE trunks between locations are busy, NARS can convert a dialed UDP number to a Listed Directory Number of the applicable DID number at that location and use off-net facilities, such as CO

trunks, to complete the call. When provisioning Automatic On-Net to Off-Net Overflow, which parameter is not correct?

A. Only one Listed Directory Number can be defined per Location Code (LOC).

B. Multiple NPAs per Location Code are allowed.

C. Multiple NXX codes per Location Code can be defined.

D. Multiple ranges of DNs within each NXX per Location Code can he defined.

Answer: D

New Questions 12

Click the Exhibit button.

Given a companyu2019s dialing plan shown in the exhibit, if a station user at the company in New York City dials 8-890-4233, what will happen to the call?

A. The Access Code of 8 will be removed and the call will complete over Route List Index # 1.

B. The call will receive intercept treatment as indicated in the Customer Data Block (CDB) and fail to complete.

C. The NARS software will remove the Access Code and Location Code and terminate the call internally at Directory Number 4233

D. The Access Code of 8 will be removed and the call will complete over Route List Index #0.

Answer: D

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