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Q1. The capabilities of cellular networks have improved greatly since their original development for analog voice phone calls. Most recently, fourth- generation (4G) wireless supports a variety of data- intensive needs. A benefit of 4G networks is that they:

A. Use spread-spectrum technology to ensure high transmission rates.

B. Provide fast transmission rates equivalent to DSL or broadband-cable.

C. Provide fast transmission rates equivalent to high-speed dial-up connections.

D. Enable bandwidth throttling, allowing the user access to unrestricted download speeds.

Answer: B

Q2. To ensure the maximum cross-browser compatibility and consistent functionality, Web developers should:

A. test their pages in the most used release of each major Web browser.

B. test their pages in the most common browsers, including the most used and latest releases.

C. test their pages in only standards-compliant browsers, including the most used and latest releases.

D. test their pages in the Web browser most commonly used by the site audience, including the most used and latest release.

Answer: B

Q3. What should be your first step when troubleshooting a network connection that uses a cable modem?

A. Ping the proxy server.

B. Ping the default gateway.

C. Ping local devices using their DNS names.

D. Ping local devices using their IP addresses.

Answer: D

Q4. Acme Corp. is a small manufacturing company. To reduce IT infrastructure costs, it uses cloud- based services extensively and strives to have the least amount of IT equipment onsite. Last year, Acme suffered a failure that resulted in significant down time and data loss. Management has decided to implement a continuous data protection (CDP) solution. Which type of CDP solution best fits Acmeu2019s situation?

A. Cloud-only solution

B. Local systems solution

C. Distributed network services provider

D. Contracted network services provider

Answer: A

Q5. Patrick visits his teenage daughteru2019s social media page and discovers several offensive posts about one of her classmates. After speaking with his daughter, Patrick learns that several other girls in her class are upset with the classmate and have been posting, texting and e-mailing others about the girl. What is the best way for Patrick to help his daughter understand cyberbullying?

A. He should advise his daughter to ignore the posts, texts and c-mails.

B. He should explain to his daughter that she is participating in the bullying by accepting othersu2019 posts, texts and c-mails.

C. He should explain to his daughter that the Internet embraces freedom of speech, and anyone is allowed to write anything.

D. He should advise his daughter to delete all the posts, texts and c-mails she has received, as well as any new ones that appear.

Answer: B

Q6. Which of the following is a disadvantage of implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in a company?

A. Increased cost for licensing mobile applications

B. Configuring the corporate e-mail server to work with mobile devices

C. Inability to control access to company data if the device is stolen or lost

D. Providing training for employees on how to use mobile devices with company applications

Answer: C

Q7. The official CIW Web site has an IP address of Which technology allows Web users to enter the URL www.ClWcert/u/ecl,com in the browser address bar to access the site, instead of having to remember and enter the IP address?





Answer: B

Q8. You have just finished designing a Web site to support a charity organizationu2019s fund-raising efforts. You need to meet with the board members to get their feedback and address some questions before you implement the final design. The board members are dispersed throughout the country and want to avoid spending charity funds on traveling to this meeting. Which of the following solutions would best support the charity and provide you with an opportunity to discuss the design as a group?

A. Plan a Web conference using a service such as WebEx or GoToMeeting that supports screensharing and phone conferencing.

B. Plan a Webinar that reviews the layout of the site and request that board members submit their feedback by e-mail after the Webinar.

C. Create a PowerPoint slideshow that contains pictures of your Web site design and create a survey to gather the board membersu2019 feedback.

D. Create an audio Webcast and distribute it to the board members over the Internet.

Answer: A

Q9. Andrea works as an Administrative Assistant for a small business that uses an SaaS service for accounting, sales orders and customer service information about the businessu2019s customers. This product is similar to Salesforce.com and its competitors. Andrea makes sure she saves accurate records about current projects and performs regular backups of the business data stored on the cloud- based service. Which of the following is the primary reason for this practice?

A. If there is an interruption in Internet access, the service and records would not be accessible.

B. There is a limit on the number of users who are allowed to access the cloud- based service at any one time.

C. Data stored online through the cloud-based service is more at risk to security breaches than if it were stored locally.

D. Andrea is overly cautious because it is well known that cloud-based services are highly secure, highly reliable and always available.

Answer: A

Q10. You use a proprietary Windows-based program to generate architectural drawings and plans for your freelance drafting business. You have a personal Web site and would like to share samples of your work for potential new customers to review. To which file format should you convert your drawings so that they are viewable regardless of the local operating system used by the

individual viewing your site?


B. MP3



Answer: A

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