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New CompTIA CAS-002 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 – Question 10)

New Questions 1

The <nameID> element in SAML can be provided in which of the following predefined

formats? (Select TWO).

A. X.509 subject name

B. PTR DNS record

C. EV certificate OID extension

D. Kerberos principal name

E. WWN record name

Answer: A,D

New Questions 2

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at a software development company is concerned about the lack of introspection during a testing cycle of the companyu2019s flagship product. Testing was conducted by a small offshore consulting firm and the report by the consulting firm clearly indicates that limited test cases were used and many of the code paths remained untested.

The CISO raised concerns about the testing results at the monthly risk committee meeting, highlighting the need to get to the bottom of the product behaving unexpectedly in only some large enterprise deployments.

The Security Assurance and Development teams highlighted their availability to redo the testing if required.

Which of the following will provide the MOST thorough testing?

A. Have the small consulting firm redo the Black box testing.

B. Use the internal teams to perform Grey box testing.

C. Use the internal team to perform Black box testing.

D. Use the internal teams to perform White box testing.

E. Use a larger consulting firm to perform Black box testing.

Answer: D

New Questions 3

A medium-sized company has recently launched an online product catalog. It has decided to keep the credit card purchasing in-house as a secondary potential income stream has been identified in relation to sales leads. The company has decided to undertake a PCI assessment in order to determine the amount of effort required to meet the business objectives. Which compliance category would this task be part of?

A. Government regulation

B. Industry standard

C. Company guideline

D. Company policy

Answer: B

New Questions 4

Wireless users are reporting issues with the companyu2019s video conferencing and VoIP systems. The security administrator notices internal DoS attacks from infected PCs on the network causing the VoIP system to drop calls. The security administrator also notices that the SIP servers are unavailable during these attacks. Which of the following security controls will MOST likely mitigate the VoIP DoS attacks on the network? (Select TWO).

A. Install a HIPS on the SIP servers

B. Configure 802.1X on the network

C. Update the corporate firewall to block attacking addresses

A. D. Configure 802.11e on the network

E. Configure 802.1q on the network

Answer: A,D

New Questions 5

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has requested that a SIEM solution be implemented. The CISO wants to know upfront what the projected TCO would be before looking further into this concern. Two vendor proposals have been received:

Bundled offering expected to be $100,000 per year.

Operational expenses for the pharmaceutical company to partner with the vendor are expected to be a 0.5 FTE per year.

Internal employee costs are averaged to be $80,000 per year per FTE. Based on calculating TCO of the two vendor proposals over a 5 year period, which of the following

options is MOST accurate?

A. Based on cost alone, having an outsourced solution appears cheaper.

B. Based on cost alone, having an outsourced solution appears to be more expensive.

C. Based on cost alone, both outsourced an in-sourced solutions appear to be the same.

D. Based on cost alone, having a purchased product solution appears cheaper.

Answer: A

New Questions 6

A security administrator must implement a SCADA style network overlay to ensure secure remote management of all network management and infrastructure devices. Which of the following BEST describes the rationale behind this architecture?

A. A physically isolated network that allows for secure metric collection.

A. B. A physically isolated network with inband management that uses two factor authentication.

C. A logically isolated network with inband management that uses secure two factor authentication.

D. An isolated network that provides secure out-of-band remote management.

Answer: D

New Questions 7

An insurance company has an online quoting system for insurance premiums. It allows potential customers to fill in certain details about their car and obtain a quote. During an investigation, the following patterns were detected:

Pattern 1 u2013 Analysis of the logs identifies that insurance premium forms are being filled in but only single fields are incrementally being updated.

Pattern 2 u2013 For every quote completed, a new customer number is created; due to legacy systems, customer numbers are running out.

Which of the following is the attack type the system is susceptible to, and what is the BEST way to defend against it? (Select TWO).

A. Apply a hidden field that triggers a SIEM alert

B. Cross site scripting attack

C. Resource exhaustion attack

D. Input a blacklist of all known BOT malware IPs into the firewall

E. SQL injection

F. Implement an inline WAF and integrate into SIEM

G. Distributed denial of service

H. Implement firewall rules to block the attacking IP addresses

Answer: C,F

New Questions 8

A small company hosting multiple virtualized client servers on a single host is considering adding a new host to create a cluster. The new host hardware and operating system will be different from the first host, but the underlying virtualization technology will be compatible. Both hosts will be connected to a shared iSCSI storage solution. Which of the following is the hosting company MOST likely trying to achieve?

A. Increased customer data availability

B. Increased customer data confidentiality

C. Increased security through provisioning

D. Increased security through data integrity

Answer: A

New Questions 9

An administrator has a system hardening policy to only allow network access to certain services, to always use similar hardware, and to protect from unauthorized application configuration changes.

Which of the following technologies would help meet this policy requirement? (Select TWO).

A. Spam filter

B. Solid state drives

C. Management interface

D. Virtualization

E. Host firewall

Answer: D,E

New Questions 10

A company has implemented data retention policies and storage quotas in response to their legal department's requests and the SAN administrator's recommendation. The retention policy states all email data older than 90 days should be eliminated. As there are no technical controls in place, users have been instructed to stick to a storage quota of 500Mb of network storage and 200Mb of email storage. After being presented with an e- discovery request from an opposing legal council, the security administrator discovers that the user in the suit has 1Tb of files and 300Mb of email spanning over two years. Which of the following should the security administrator provide to opposing council?

A. Delete files and email exceeding policy thresholds and turn over the remaining files and email.

B. Delete email over the policy threshold and hand over the remaining emails and all of the files.

C. Provide the 1Tb of files on the network and the 300Mb of email files regardless of age.

D. Provide the first 200Mb of e-mail and the first 500Mb of files as per policy.

Answer: C

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