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New IBM C2010-530 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 – Question 11)

New Questions 2

A global company has five geographical organizations and each organization must manage a unique list of vendors, manufacturer couriers.

What must be configured to meet these requirements?

A. A company set with the "Automatically Add Companies to the Company Master" flag selected.

B. A company set with the "Automatically Add Companies to the Company Master" flag unselected.

C. The creation of an asset record that identifies all vendors, and manufacturers which automatically

creates a storeroom type location to track the asset.

D. The creation of an item master record that identifies all vendors, manufacturers and couriers which automatically creates a storeroom type location to track the item.

Answer: D

New Questions 3

A company has configured several application servers to handle specific tasks using Ul cluster, Cron cluster and Integration cluster. A requirement is that certain Cron tasks do not run on the UI cluster and the Integration cluster.

What is one way to accomplished this?

A. Add mxe.crontask.skip=[crontask name] to maximo properties file.

B. Add mxe.crontask.donotrun=[crontask name] to maximo properties file.

C. Add mxe.crontask.donotrun=[crontask name] to the file.

D. On System Configuration -> Cron Task Setup, Select Action -> Reload Request, then uncheck "Runu201d.

Answer: D

New Questions 4

To comply with company security policies, a security administrator needs to change the security group which provides global permissions for all users.

Where can this group be set?

A. Security Groups – Global Security action

B. Security Groups – Security Controls action

C. System Properties – Allusers system property

D. System Properties – Everyone system property

Answer: C

New Questions 5

A company wishes to change the logic within a Workflow process but users currently have records within the process.

Which would be the correct method to achieve this?

A. Create a process revision, validate, enable and activate it.

B. Suspend the Workflow process, make the required changes and activate it.

C. Disable and Deactivate the Workflow, make the required changes and activate it.

D. Update the workflow process logic and perform an Admin Mode Database Configuration.

Answer: C

New Questions 6

A customer must escalate a time based workflow assignment.

Which of the following must be configured and/or created? (Choose three.)

A. An Escalation Role.

B. Identify the Auto-Accept role.

C. A task node with an identified task lime limit.

D. A labor record which is associated to a calendar.

E. A calendar specific to the person being assigned the task.

F. An escalation that checks the WFAssignment object and escalates the record when the task time limit is exceeded.

Answer: DEF

New Questions 7

After installing Maximo, the administrator wishes to confirm that the installation was successful. Which utility and parameter should be used?

A. installVerify.[sh|bat] -action verify

B. installVerify.[sh|bat] -action validate

C. installValidation.[sh|bat) -action verify

D. installValidation.[sh|bat] -action validate

Answer: A

New Questions 8

An administrator wants to review integration messages that are flagged with an error. These messages came from an external system and failed to import into Maximo.

Which application is used to manage these messages?

A. Integration -> Message Extract

B. Integration -> Message Tracking

C. Integration -> Message Reprocessing

D. System Configuration -> Platform Configuration -> Error Extract

Answer: C

New Questions 9

A company wants to conditionally display data the user sees in a Maximo application. What choices are available to accomplish this? (Choose three.)

A. Action

B. Control

C. Escalation

D. Java Class

E. Expression

F. Automaton Script

Answer: BCD

New Questions 10

A company has tasked an administrator with ensuring traffic between Maximo and the client browser is encrypted over the wide area network to prevent sensitive data from being intercepted.

Which is required?

A. a digital certificate for me application server

B. a digital certificate for the client browser for authentication

C. "Encrypt SSL communications" options enabled in the System Properties application

D. a bus security role called "maximousers" defined within WebSphere Application Server console

Answer: B

New Questions 11

Maximo Application Servers (JVMs) are showing poor performance and crashing due to 'out of memoryu2019 errors.

How would you diagnose the situation?

A. increase heap memory

B. enable application server logging

C. set maximo root logger to INFO level

D. enable verbose garbage collection (GC)

Answer: D

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