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Q1. – (Topic 3) 

A sys admin has enabled a log on ELB. Which of the below mentioned activities are not captured by the log? 

A. Response processing time 

B. Front end processing time 

C. Backend processing time 

D. Request processing time 



Elastic Load Balancing access logs capture detailed information for all the requests made to the load balancer. Each request will have details, such as client IP, request path, ELB IP, time, and latencies. The time will have information, such as Request Processing time, Backend Processing time and Response Processing time. 

Q2. – (Topic 3) 

A user has hosted an application on EC2 instances. The EC2 instances are configured with ELB and Auto Scaling. The application server session time out is 2 hours. The user wants to configure connection draining to ensure that all in-flight requests are supported by ELB even though the instance is being deregistered. What time out period should the user specify for connection draining? 

A. 5 minutes 

B. 1 hour 

C. 30 minutes 

D. 2 hours 


Q3. – (Topic 1) 

A media company produces new video files on-premises every day with a total size of around 100GBS after compression All files have a size of 1 -2 GB and need to be uploaded to Amazon S3 every night in a fixed time window between 3am and 5am Current upload takes almost 3 hours, although less than half of the available bandwidth is used. 

What step(s) would ensure that the file uploads are able to complete in the allotted time window? 

A. Increase your network bandwidth to provide faster throughput to S3 

B. Upload the files in parallel to S3 

C. Pack all files into a single archive, upload it to S3, then extract the files in AWS 

D. Use AWS Import/Export to transfer the video files 


Explanation: Reference: 

Q4. – (Topic 1) 

You have two Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances inside a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in the same Availability Zone (AZ) but in different subnets. One instance is running a database and the other instance an application that will interface with the database. You want to confirm that they can talk to each other for your application to work properly. 

Which two things do we need to confirm in the VPC settings so that these EC2 instances can communicate inside the VPC? Choose 2 answers 

A. A network ACL that allows communication between the two subnets. 

B. Both instances are the same instance class and using the same Key-pair. 

C. That the default route is set to a NAT instance or internet Gateway (IGW) for them to communicate. 

D. Security groups are set to allow the application host to talk to the database on the right port/protocol. 

Answer: A,D 

Q5. – (Topic 3) 

An organization has configured Auto Scaling with ELB. There is a memory issue in the application which is causing CPU utilization to go above 90%. The higher CPU usage triggers an event for Auto Scaling as per the scaling policy. If the user wants to find the root cause inside the application without triggering a scaling activity, how can he achieve this? 

A. Stop the scaling process until research is completed 

B. It is not possible to find the root cause from that instance without triggering scaling 

C. Delete Auto Scaling until research is completed 

D. Suspend the scaling process until research is completed 



Auto Scaling allows the user to suspend and then resume one or more of the Auto Scaling processes in the Auto Scaling group. This is very useful when the user wants to investigate a configuration problem or some other issue, such as a memory leak with the web application and then make changes to the application, without triggering the Auto Scaling process. 

Q6. – (Topic 3) 

A user is trying to connect to a running EC2 instance using SSH. However, the user gets an Unprotected 

Private Key File error. Which of the below mentioned options can be a possible reason for rejection? 

A. The private key file has the wrong file permission 

B. The ppk file used for SSH is read only 

C. The public key file has the wrong permission 

D. The user has provided the wrong user name for the OS login 



While doing SSH to an EC2 instance, if you get an Unprotected Private Key File error it means that the private key file's permissions on your computer are too open. Ideally the private key should have the Unix permission of 0400. To fix that, run the command: chmod 0400 /path/to/private.key 

Q7. – (Topic 1) 

If you want to launch Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Instances and assign each Instance a predetermined private IP address you should: 

A. Assign a group or sequential Elastic IP address to the instances 

B. Launch the instances in a Placement Group 

C. Launch the instances in the Amazon virtual Private Cloud (VPC). 

D. Use standard EC2 instances since each instance gets a private Domain Name Service (DNS) already 

E. Launch the Instance from a private Amazon Machine image (Mil) 


Explanation: Reference: 

Q8. – (Topic 1) 

You have been asked to leverage Amazon VPC BC2 and SOS to implement an application that submits and receives millions of messages per second to a message queue. You want to ensure your application has sufficient bandwidth between your EC2 instances and SQS Which option will provide the most scalable solution for communicating between the application and SQS? 

A. Ensure the application instances are properly configured with an Elastic Load Balancer 

B. Ensure the application instances are launched in private subnets with the EBS-optimized option enabled 

C. Ensure the application instances are launched in public subnets with the associate-public-IP-address=true option enabled 

D. Launch application instances in private subnets with an Auto Scaling group and Auto Scaling triggers configured to watch the SQS queue size 


Explanation: Reference: 

Q9. – (Topic 3) 

An organization has setup Auto Scaling with ELB. Due to some manual error, one of the instances got 

rebooted. Thus, it failed the Auto Scaling health check. Auto Scaling has marked it for replacement. How can the system admin ensure that the instance does not get terminated? 

A. Update the Auto Scaling group to ignore the instance reboot event 

B. It is not possible to change the status once it is marked for replacement 

C. Manually add that instance to the Auto Scaling group after reboot to avoid replacement 

D. Change the health of the instance to healthy using the Auto Scaling commands 



After an instance has been marked unhealthy by Auto Scaling, as a result of an Amazon EC2 or ELB health check, it is almost immediately scheduled for replacement as it will never automatically recover its health. If the user knows that the instance is healthy then he can manually call the SetInstanceHealth action (or the as-setinstance- health command from CLI. to set the instance's health status back to healthy. Auto Scaling will throw an error if the instance is already terminating or else it will mark it healthy. 

Q10. – (Topic 3) 

A user has launched an RDS MySQL DB with the Multi AZ feature. The user has scheduled the scaling of 

instance storage during maintenance window. What is the correct order of events during maintenance window? 

Perform maintenance on standby 

Promote standby to primary 

Perform maintenance on original primary 

Promote original master back as primary 

A. 1, 2, 3, 4 

B. 1, 2, 3 

C. 2, 3, 1, 4 



Running MySQL on the RDS DB instance as a Multi-AZ deployment can help the user reduce the impact of a maintenance event, as the Amazon will conduct maintenance by following the steps in the below mentioned order: Perform maintenance on standby Promote standby to primary Perform maintenance on original primary, which becomes the new standby.