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New VMware 3V0-624 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 – Question 10)

Q1. A global financial company has requested assistance with a new cross-site failover design between two sites which will support business critical applications. Latency between the sites is less than 5ms round-trip.

The company requires:

u2022 application must be restarted quickly in the event of a total site failure

u2022 allow for planned migration during maintenance

u2022 applications must be kept online even when migrated due to planned maintenance Drag each statement to its correct concept


Q2. Categorize the tools as providing either Availability or Recoverability.


Q3. A customer warns to virtualize an Oracle database with vSphere 6.5, but is concerned about its performance.

Which three design elements will ensure optimum performance? (Choose three.)

A. Share as much memory as possible with the balloon driver.

B. Use VMXNET3 for the network adapter.

C. Create affinity rules for the virtual machine to a single physical socket.

D. Use VMware Paravirtual SCSI adapters for data and log vDisk.

E. Enable Hyper-Threading

Answer: A B E

Q4. Drag each option to its appropriate concept.


Q5. A database administrator is operating a virtual machine (VM) configured with 16 vCPU and 64GB of RAM. A recent performance audit has indicated that this virtual machine is oversized and is using less than 60% of its configured CPU and memory capacity.

u2022 The ESXi host that contains this VM has 2 physical processors with 10 cores per processor, and 128GB of RAM.

u2022 This physical host's architecture is split into two equal NUMA nodes.

Which vCPU and RAM configuration for the VM allows for the most resources, but also provides the performance benefit of local NUMA access?

A. 16 vCPU and 32GB RAM

B. 4 vCPU and 16GB RAM

C. 10 vCPU and 64GB RAM

D. 12 vCPU and 64GB RAM

Answer: A

Q6. A company is consolidating its IT operations efforts by moving the Finance, IT, and QA departments towards a self-service environment, following SDDC best practices.

u2022 All departments have different priorities and expectations for uptime of the required infrastructure and applications.

u2022 Project stakeholders are still discussing final approvals for the budget wan the CFO.

u2022 To drive down the operating cost of the environment, only blade servers will implement this project.

u2022 To ensure business continuity, a colocation provider was chosen to fail over virtual machines.

u2022 The implementation of the project will follow a public reference architecture provided by VMware. What is the assumption in this scenario?

A. The chosen architecture is sufficient.

B. All departments demand different SLAs.

C. Final budget approvals are being discussed.

D. The environment will be shared by several departments.

Answer: A

Q7. A customer is using a vSphere APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) compatible storage array. The VASA provider is published as a virtual appliance.

To ensure recoverability, where must the VASA prowler and vCenter server virtual machines be stored?

A. The VASA provider and vCenter Server will be placed on the standard datastore (VMFS, NFS).

B. The VASA provider and vCenter Server will be placed on the vVol datastore.

C. The vCenter Server will be placed on the vVol datastore and the VASA provider will be placed on the standard datastore (VMFS, NFS).

D. The VASA provider will be placed on the vVol datastore and the vCenter Server will be placed on the standard datastore (VMFS, NFS)

Answer: A

Q8. A customs has requested a vSphere 6.5 deployment design where ESXi hosts are provisioned with Auto Deploy. The customer requires that certificates can be automatically refreshed and renewed from the vSphere Web Client for ESXi hosts.

Which certificate policy should be configured for vCenter Server?

A. Thumbprint Mode

B. VMware Certificate Authority

C. Custom Certificate Authority

D. Subordinate Certificate Authority

Answer: A

Q9. A customer wants to make its data available with a RPO of 10 minutes. Replication to the second data center will be done using the network.

Which type of storage configuration should be used?

A. NFS datastore on ESXi 6.0 with vSphere replication appliance 6.0

B. VMFS datastore on ESXi 6.0 with vSphere replication appliance 6.5

C. vSAN datastore on ESXi 6.0 with vSphere replication appliance 6.5

D. VMFS datastore on ESXi 6.0 with vSphere replication appliance 6.0

Answer: B

Q10. The hardware operations team is planning to purchase new ESXi hosts for the upcoming budget year and is requesting recommendations on the type of servers to purchase for a web application. The web application consists of hundreds of small virtual machines (1 vCPU and 8GB of RAM) that are members of a software cluster.

The solution should have these abilities:

u2022 recover from ESXi host hardware failures

u2022 zero downtime for a limited number of critical virtual machines (VMs)

u2022 migrate running VMs between ESXi hosts without interruption to the operating system

u2022 perform these functions using VMware ESXi servers, vCenter Server, and high-speed network interfaces What are the three functional requirements and their associated VMware technologies? (Choose three.)

A. automatic restarts of failed VMs (vSphere HA)

B. high speed network interfaces (vSphere Distributed Switches)

C. ability to migrate running VMs (vSphere vMotion)

D. fault tolerance for limited number of critical VMs (vSphere FT)

E. VMware ESXi Servers (vSphere Auto Deploy)

Answer: BCD

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