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Q11. A company is upgrading its 3,000 client computers to Office 365 ProPlus. The company uses the Telemetry Dashboard to identify document compatibility issues. The Telemetry Agent is deployed to all client computers. The telemetry environment is described in the following table. 

You need to ensure that telemetry data is collected for more than 20 client computers at a time. 

What should you do? 

A. Migrate the telemetry database to a computer that runs SQL Server 2008. 

B. Use the Registry Editor to trigger the data collection. 

C. Use Group Policy to set the MaxConnectionsPerServer setting to 100. 

D. Migrate the Telemetry Processor to a computer that runs Windows Server 2012. 



Telemetry Processor runs on one or more computers and collects inventory, usage, and telemetric data from the telemetry shared folder and imports the data to the telemetry database. Telemetry Processor is installed as a Windows service named “Telemetry Processor.” 

We recommend the following operating systems for computers that run Telemetry Processor: 

For production environments for best performance, we recommend these operating systems: 

.Windows Server 2008 

.Windows Server 2008 R2 

.Windows Server 2012 

.Windows Server 2012 R2 

For test or small production environments You can use computers that run Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 in test environments and in small production environments. 

There is a limit of 20 concurrent connections for client operating systems, but in small environments, the agent randomization setting should minimize any chances of more than 20 agents connecting at one time. 

Q12. You are an Office 365 administrator for Contoso, Ltd. Contoso recently opened an office in Paris. Employees in the Paris office speak only French. 

The manager of the Paris office requests that you create a private Microsoft SharePoint team site for the Paris office. You create the site and list the properties, which are shown in the following graphic. 

The manager reports that the site does not meet his requirements. You need to resolve the issue. You remove the existing site. Which Windows PowerShell command should you run next? 

A. New-SPOSite -Url http://contoso. -Owner -StorageQuota 1000 -template STS#0 -LocaleId 1036 

B. New-SPOSite -Url https://contoso. -Owner -StorageQuota 1000 -template STS#0 -LocaleId 1036 

C. New-SPOSite -Url https://contoso. -Owner -StorageQuota 1000 -template STS#0 

D. New-SPOSite -Url -Owner -StorageQuota 1000 -template BLOG#0 -LocaleId 1036 


Q13. Your company uses Office 365 and has an Enterprise E3 plan. The company has a 

Microsoft SharePoint Online public website that is currently configured to use the domain name. 

The company purchases a new domain name. 

You need to change the address of the SharePoint Online public website to the new domain name. 

What should you do first? 

A. In the SharePoint Online Administration Center, add the new domain. 

B. In the Office 365 admin center, add the new domain. 

C. Create a new site collection and assign it the new domain. 

D. Create a new public website and assign it to the new domain. 


Q14. You manage an Office 365 tenant that uses an Enterprise E1 subscription. You configure a retention policy for all mailboxes. 

You must apply a new retention policy immediately because of upcoming personnel changes. 

You need to ensure that the new retention policy is applied to the mailboxes immediately. 

Which Windows PowerShell cmdlet should you run? 

A. Enable-JournalRule 

B. New-RetentionPolicyTag 

C. Start-ManagedFolderAssistant 

D. Set-CsUser 

E. Set-CsPrivacyConfiguration 

F. Set-HostedContentFilterPolicy 

G. Set-MalwareFilterPolicy 

H. Set-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration 



Use the New-RetentionPolicyTag cmdlet to create a retention tag. Retention tags are used to apply retention settings to folders and individual items such as e-mail messages and voice mail. These settings specify how long a message remains in a mailbox and the action to be taken when the message reaches the specified retention age. When a message reaches its retention age, it's moved to the user’s In-Place Archive or deleted. 

Reference: New-RetentionPolicyTag 


Your company uses Microsoft SharePoint Online. You create a subsite in an existing site collection. The subsite will serve as a document repository from which anyone can download documents. External sharing is turned off globally. 

You plan to share documents with users by emailing document links. Users must not be required to sign in to the subsite to download the documents. 

You need to configure the environment to allow document sharing with external users. 

Which three actions should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order. 


Q16. You are the Office 365 administrator for your company. 

You need to configure Microsoft Lync Online to disable alerts for voicemail and instant messages to Windows Phones. 

What should you do? 

A. Use the Set-CsHostedVoiceMailPolicy Windows PowerShell cmdlet. 

B. Use the Set-CsPushNotificationConfiguration Windows PowerShell cmdlet. 

C. In the Lync admin center, select the Display presence information only to a user's contacts option. 

D. Use the Set-CsUser Windows PowerShell cmdlet. 



Q17. Your company uses Microsoft Exchange Online. Employees frequently need to change their primary email addresses. 

The messaging operations team has requested a script to simplify the process of changing email addresses. 

The script must perform the following actions: 

. Obtain employee information from a .csv file that has a header line of UserPrincipalName,CurrentPrimaryAddress,NewPrimaryAddress. 

. Change employees' primary email addresses to the values in the NewPrimaryAddress column. 

. Retain employees' current email addresses as secondary addresses. 

You create the following Windows PowerShell script to read the .csv file. Line numbers are included for reference only. 

You need to complete the script to meet the requirements. 

Which Windows PowerShell command should you insert at line 06? 

A. Set-Mailbox -Identity $UserPrincipalName -WindowsEmailAddress $NewPrimary 

B. Set-Mailbox -Identity $UserPrincipalName -PrimarySmtpAddress $NewPrimary 

C. Set-Mailbox -Identity $UserPrincipalName -ExternalEmailAddress $NewPrimary 

D. Set-MailUser -Identity $UserPrincipalName -EmailAddresses@{add = "SMTP:" + "$NewPrimary"; remove="SMTP:" + "$OldPrimary"} 



Your company subscribes to Office 365 Small Business. 

You need to disable all contact synchronization. 

Which two service categories should you configure? To answer, select the appropriate service categories in the answer area. 


Q19. Your company deploys Microsoft Lync Online. You deploy the Microsoft Lync 2010 client to all client computers. All users log on to the local domain. You need to prevent users from modifying the Advanced Connection Settings on the Lync 2010 client. What should you do? 

A. Deploy a Group Policy object (GPO) that uses the Communicator.adm administrative template. 

B. Deploy a Group Policy object (GPO) that removes all of the members of the local Administrators group. 

C. From the Lync Server Management Shell, run the Set-CsClientPolicy cmdlet. 

D. From the Lync Server Management Shell, run the Set-CsUserServicesConfiguration cmdlet. 


Q20. You are the Office 365 administrator for your company. 

The company requests that you implement a document collaboration and social networking solution that meets the following requirements: 

. Users must be able to join groups to receive project updates. 

. Any user must be able to post an event. 

You need to implement a solution. 

Which solution should you implement? 

A. Microsoft SharePoint document libraries 

B. Microsoft Yammer 

C. Microsoft SkyDrive Pro 

D. Microsoft SharePoint newsfeeds