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New Fortinet NSE4-5.4 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 7 – Question 16)

Q7. How does FortiGate look for a matching firewall policy to process traffic?

A. From top to bottom, based on the sequence numbers.

B. Based on best match.

C. From top to bottom, based on the policy ID numbers.

D. From lower to higher, based on the priority value.

Answer: A

Q8. What information is flushed when the chunk-size value is changed in the config dlp settings?

A. The database for DLP document fingerprinting

B. The supported file types in the DLP filters

C. The archived files and messages

D. The file name patterns in the DLP filters

Answer: A

Q9. An administrator has blocked Netflix login in a cloud access security inspection (CASI) profile. The administrator has also applied the CASI profile to a firewall policy.

What else is required for the CASI profile to work properly?

A. You must enable logging for security events on the firewall policy.

B. You must activate a FortiCloud account.

C. You must apply an application control profile to the firewall policy.

D. You must enable SSL inspection on the firewall policy.

Answer: C

Q10. An administrator observes that the port1 interface cannot be configured with an IP address. What can be the reasons for that? (Choose three.)

A. The interface has been configured for one-arm sniffer.

B. The interface is a member of a virtual wire pair.

C. The operation mode is transparent.

D. The interface is a member of a zone.

E. Captive portal is enabled in the interface.

Answer: B,C,D

Q11. What FortiGate feature can be used to allow IPv6 clients to connect to IPv4 servers?

A. IPv6-over-IPv4 IPsec

B. NAT64

C. IPv4-over-IPv6 IPsec

D. NAT66

Answer: B


since IPv6-over-IPv4 IPsec is used for IPV6 clients to communicate over IPV4 network

Q12. What methods can be used to deliver the token code to a user who is configured to use two-factor authentication? (Choose three.)

A. Code blocks

B. SMS phone message

C. FortiToken

D. Browser pop-up window

E. Email

Answer: B,C,E

Q13. An administrator has configured a route-based IPsec VPN between two FortiGates. Which statement about this IPsec VPN configuration is true?

A. A phase 2 configuration is not required.

B. This VPN cannot be used as part of a hub and spoke topology.

C. The IPsec firewall policies must be placed at the top of the list.

D. A virtual IPsec interface is automatically created after the phase 1 configuration is completed.

Answer: D

Q14. An administrator needs to offload logging to FortiAnalyzer from a FortiGate with an internal hard drive. Which statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. Logs must be stored on FortiGate first, before transmitting to FortiAnalyzer

B. FortiGate uses port 8080 for log transmission

C. Log messages are transmitted as plain text in LZ4 compressed format (store-and-upload method).

D. FortiGate can encrypt communications using SSL encrypted OFTP traffic.

Answer: A,C

Q15. Which statements best describe auto discovery VPN (ADVPN). (Choose two.)

A. It requires the use of dynamic routing protocols so that spokes can learn the routes to other spokes.

B. ADVPN is only supported with IKEv2.

C. Tunnels are negotiated dynamically between spokes.

D. Every spoke requires a static tunnel to be configured to other spokes so that phase 1 and phase 2 proposals are defined in advance.

Answer: A,C

Q16. View the exhibit.

When Role is set to Undefined, which statement is true?

A. The GUI provides all the configuration options available for the port1 interface.

B. You cannot configure a static IP address for the port1 interface because it allows only DHCP addressing mode.

C. Firewall policies can be created from only the port1 interface to any interface.

D. The port1 interface is reserved for management only.

Answer: A

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