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2016 Oct 1Z0-559 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. Where are the Kiosk Session type configuration files located on the Sun Ray server file-system? 

A. /var/opt/SUNWkio/* 

B. /etc/opt/SUNWkio/* 

C. /opt/SUNWut/lib/* 

D. /opt/SUNWkio/lib/* 

Answer: B 

Reference: the boxed text named ‘short names’) 

Q42. There are five Desktop States in Oracle VDI. Identify the correct list. 

A. Ready, Idle, Active, Reserved, Maintenance 

B. Available, Ready, Used, Maintenance, Recycle 

C. Available, Idle, Used, Reserved, Unresponsive 

D. Ready, Active, Idle, Reserved, Unresponsive 

E. Active, Idle, Used, Maintenance, Recycle 

Answer: C 

Reference: desktop states) 

Q43. Which answer is a correct method for instructing the Sun Ray about its firmware server location? 

A. Create a DNS entry for sunray servers. 

B. Set DHCP standard option 66. 

C. Createasunray-config-servers=entry in the TFTP .parmsfile. 

D. SetDHCP standard option 49. Answer: C 


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Q44. Oracle VDI offers flexibility in the Desktop Providers. Select two Desktop Providers that are supported by Oracle VDI. 

A. QuestWorkspace 

B. Microsoft Hyper-V 

C. CitrixXen Desktop 

D. VMwarevSphere 

E. Oracle VM 

Answer: B,D 

Reference: para) 

Q45. Which two guest operating systems are supported when deploying a VMware vSphere Desktop Provider within Oracle VDI? 

A. Oracle Linux 5.6 

B. Windows 2000 SP4 

C. Windows 7 

D. Oracle Solaris 10 

E. Windows XP 

Answer: B,E 


Q46. Before templates or snapshots can be created, which two elements must be configured on the Oracle VDI environment? 

A. Network 

B. Authentication 

C. Storage 

D. Desktop Access 

E. Visualization 

Answer: A,C 


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Q47. Which combination of Oracle VDI software modules will be installed with the command vda-install? 

A. VDIcore,VDI Center Agent, MySQLDatabase,VDIWeb server, RDP Broker,JRE, and Sun Ray Server 

B. VDIcore,VDICenter Agent, MySQLDatabase, VDI Webserver, VirtualBox, Sun Ray Client,JREand Sun Ray Server 

C. VDI core, VDIcenterAgent, MySQL Database,VDIWeb server, VirtualBox, RDP Broker,Sun RayClient,JRE, and Sun Ray Server 

D. VDIcore, VIM CenterAgent,MySQL Database, VDI Web server,VirtualBox, RDP Broker,Sun RayClient,andSun Ray Server 

Answer: A 

Q48. Which Oracle VDI architecture tier is responsible for interacting with objects in the user directory? 

A. Virtualization 

B. Desktop Access 

C. Management 

D. Storage 

Answer: B 


Q49. If you wanted to configure a high availability Oracle VDI center, what steps would you need to take to complete the task? 

A. Configure a primary host, add a secondary host, and the high availability is automatically configured 

B. Configureaprimary host,add asecondary host, and then run the command; vda-config-s 

C. Configure a primary host, add a secondary host, and then on the primary host run the command;vda-config -ha <secondary.server> 

D. Configureaprimary host,configure a secondary host, and then on the secondary host run the command;vda-config-ha 

Answer: A 


Q50. You have two Sun Rays with MAC addresses AAA and BBB. You would like to configure them to form a multi-head (twin monitor) group. Which command would you use to achieve this? 

A. vdimhadm–a MySRGroup –p AAA –s BBB 

B. utmhadm –a MySRGroup –p AAA -1 AAA,BBB 

C. utmhconfig –a MySRGroup –p AAA -1 AAA,BBB 

D. utmhadm –a MySRGroup -1 AAA ; utmhadm –a MySRGroup -1 BBB 

Answer: B 


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