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New LPI 300-100 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 7 – Question 16)

New Questions 7

In which section of the smb.conf configuration file is the logon script file name specified?

A. [homes]

B. [netlogon]

C. [global]

D. [profiles]

Answer: C

New Questions 8

Which command can be used to validate and backup a TDB file?

A. pdbedit

B. tdbbackup

C. tdbdump

D. tdblist

Answer: B

New Questions 9

How can the risk of UID/GID inconsistencies be avoided across UNIX/Linux systems that are sharing information over protocols other than SMB/CIFS (eg: NFS)?

A. Specify a common OpenLDAP idmap backend in smb.conf.

B. Specify a common Kerberos realm in smb.conf.

C. Specify a common domain name in smb.conf.

D. Specify a common password server in smb.conf.

E. Specify a common winbind ID range in smb.conf.

Answer: A

New Questions 10

Which of the following statements are true regarding NetBIOS names? (Select TWO correct answers.)

A. NETBIOS names can use only alphanumeric characters.

B. You can use a '.' in a NETBIOS name.

C. You can use an '_' (underscore) in a NETBIOS name.

D. NETBIOS names must be UPPERCASE

E. NETBIOS names can be a maximum of 32 characters

Answer: BC

New Questions 11

The [homes] section of smb.conf contains the parameter browseable = no. What are the resulting consequences? (Select TWO correct answers)

A. When browsing the Samba server, there is no visible share called homes.

B. The homes share can be directly accessed by specifically opening this share by its UNC path.

C. When browsing the Samba server, users can open the homes share but they cannot see the content of their home directories.

D. If the Samba server is part of an Active Directory Domain, only users in the group SeBrowsingUsers can browse the homes share.

E. When browsing the Samba server, there is no visible share named after the current user.

Answer: AB

New Questions 12

What has to be done in order to make sure the Samba password is kept in sync when a user changes his Linux password?

A. Samba and Unix passwords can only be kept in sync when Samba uses the passwdsam password backend which reads the password from /etc/passwd and, when used, does not require further configuration.

B. /usr/bin/passwd should be replaced by a symlink to /usr/bin/smbpasswd.

C. In /etc/nsswitch.conf, the samba service should be added to passwd and shadow before the file service.

D. should be added to the password type of the appropriate PAM configuration.

E. Winbindd must be running on the Linux server in order to replicate the password changes back to Samba.

Answer: D

New Questions 13

Which of the following values are valid for the Samba 4 configuration directive server role? (Choose THREE correct answers.)






Answer: BCE

New Questions 14

How is the user user01 from DOMA granted the right to manage printers on a Samba print server?

A. net ads rights 'DOMA\\user01' +SePrintOperatorPrivilege

B. net -S server -U domadmin rpc rights grant 'DOMA\\user01' SePrintOperatorPrivilege

C. pdbedit –user=user01 -I=DOMA –policies=SePrintOperatorPrivilege

D. pdbedit DOMA\\user01 +PrintOperator

E. cupsaddsmb DOMA\\user01 +PrintOperator

Answer: B

New Questions 15

By configuring Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) and Name Service Switch (NSS) technologies to use OpenLDAP, what authentication service can be replaced?

A. Microsoft NT Domain

B. Samba

C. Network Information Service (NIS)

D. Active Directory (AD)

Answer: C

New Questions 16

Which commands can be used to terminate all running instances of smbd?

A. smbcontrol smbd shutdown

B. smbcontrol nmbd shutdown

C. smbcontrol shutdown

D. smbcontrol samba shutdown

Answer: A

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