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Q131. A user reports that the mouse is not working properly. The technician notices on the user’s

workstation that the mouse cursor spins for several minutes before the technician can use the mouse. Which of the following is the cause of the issue?

A. Failed Operating System

B. Faulty mouse

C. Faulty CPU

D. Not enough memory

Answer: D

Q132. A technician has just installed a wireless access point in a customer’s home office. While testing the network and browsing the Internet, the technician finds that the connection is not stable, speeds are slow, and websites sometimes do not load. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?

A. Re-enable the broadcasting of the access point’s SSID so it is visible to mobile devices.

B. Use a WiFi analyzer to ensure neighboring networks are not using the same channel.

C. Reconfigure network devices to use static IPs instead of DHCP-assigned addresses.

D. Change the signal encryption from WPA2 to WEP to ease transmission overhead.

Answer: B

Q133. A user opens a service ticket for a laser printer that has paper jams. Lately, jamming has become more frequent. The technician recreates the problem and checks the printer logs for more information about the printer. Which of the following choices are MOST likely fixes to this problem? (Select TWO).

A. Clean and inspect the laser drum assembly

B. Clean and inspect the entire paper path

C. Use the printer maintenance kit to replace parts

D. Replace the paper exit assembly switch

E. Clean and replace the paper out sensor

F. Clean the fuser cold roller and verify fuser operation

Answer: B,C

Q134. A technician receives a call that a client’s PC is not booting after a recent test of the building’s back-up generators. When the technician arrives, it is discovered that, once powered on, there is no output display or POST beep codes. Furthermore, after 15 seconds, the system’s fans begin running much louder and faster. Which of the following is the MOST likely issue?

A. The motherboard was damaged by the power test.

B. The PC’s RAM was affected by ESD.

C. The power supply was damaged and is nonfunctional.

D. The hard drive was erased due to the power test.

Answer: A

Q135. Which of the following connections are typically on the external PC chassis? (Select TWO).



C. IEEE1394



Answer: C,D

Q136. Which of the following Internet connection types is a digital form that runs over standard telephone wiring?

A. Fiber

B. Dial-up

C. Cable


Answer: D

Q137. A user wants to extend a PC’s capacity by connecting external devices. Which of the following connectors will allow the user to accomplish this? (Select TWO).


B. IEEE 1394




Answer: A,B

Q138. A technician is tasked with finding and labeling where a network connection terminates in a patch panel. Which of the following tools would be BEST for the technician to use?

A. Ethernet cable tester

B. Tone generator and probe

C. RJ-45 loopback plug

D. Patch panel punchdown tool

Answer: B

Q139. A user has downloaded an image file and needs to install an application from the image.

When trying to execute or open the file, an error is displayed. Which of the following should the user perform?

A. Download a different file from the website

B. Rename the extension of the file to a known extension

C. Verify the MD5 hash of the downloaded file

D. Mount the file as an emulated DVD

Answer: D

Q140. Which of the following wireless technologies is LEAST likely to be intercepted by a third party?


B. Bluetooth

C. WiFi

D. Cellular

Answer: A