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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 4 – Question 13)

Question No: 4

%CFIB-7-CFIB_EXCEPTIONS: FIB TCAM exception, Some entries will be software switched

Refer to the exhibit. If a Layer 3 switch running OSPF in a VRF-lite configuration reports this error, which action can you take to correct the problem?

A. Add the vrf-lite capability to the OSPF configuration

B. Set mls cef maximum-routes in the global configuration

C. Configure the control plane with a large memory allocation to support the Cisco Express Forwarding

Information Base

D. Upgrade the Layer 3 switch to a model that can support more routes

Answer: B

Question No: 5

Refer to the exhibit.

After you apply the given configurations to R1 and R2.which networks does R2 advertise to R1?

A. both 172 16.32.0/20 and 172 16.33.0/24

B. only

C. only

D. only

Answer: C

Question No: 6

Refer to the exhibit.

When it attempted to register the EEM script, the device returned this error message. Which action can you take to correct the problem?

A. Configure the end command at the end of the BACKUP EEM policy

B. Configure the event none command so that the event can be triggered manually

C. Configure the event action to run the applet

D. Configure the event manager run command to register the event

Answer: C

Question No: 7

which two statements about IP SLA are true?(choose two)

A. It uses NetFlow for passive traffic monitoring

B. SNMP access is not supported

C. It can measure MOS

D. It is Layer 2 transport-independent

E. The IP SLA responder is component in the source Cisco device

F. It uses active traffic monitoring

Answer: D,F

Question No: 8

ipv6 nd raguard policy TST-RAGUARD device-role host

int gig0/1

switchport access vlan 100

ipv6 nd raguard attach-policy TST-RAGUARD

Refer to the exhibit. What is the effect of the given configuration?

A. The port rejects inbound router advertisements and router redirect messages

B. The port allows and inspects inbound NDP messages

C. The port blocks inbound tunneled Ipv6 traffic

D. If the Ipv6 RA Guard feature is enabled on VLAN 100, it takes precedence over port- level policy

E. The Ipv6 RA Guard feature is disabled on VLAN 100

Answer: A

Question No: 9

When you implement the EIGRP add-paths feature, which configuration can cause routing issues on a DMVPN circuit?

A. disabling ECMP mode under the EIGRP process.

B. disabling automatic summarization

C. enabling next-hop-self under the EIGRP process.

D. enabling synchronization under the EIGRP process

E. disabling the default variance under the EIGRP process

F. disabling NHRP when deploying EIGRP over DMVPN

Answer: E

Question No: 10

which mechanism can be used on Layer 2 switches so that only multicast packets with downstream receivers are sent on the multicast router-connected ports?

A. Router Guard

B. IGMP snooping

C. multicast filtering

D. PIM snooping

Answer: D

Question No: 11

router bgp 65500

neighbor LocalSite ebgp-multihop 2

neighbor LocalSite update-source Loopback0 neighbor LocalSite next-hop-self

neighbor LocalSite route-map CheckCommunity in neighbor LocalSite route-map CPodPeer out

route-map CPodPeer permit 10 match as-path 1

route-map CPodPeer permit 20 match as-path 33

route-map CPodPeer deny 30

ip as-path access-list 1 permit ^$

ip as-path access-list 33 permit _65006$

Refer to the exhibit. Considering a stable neighborship has been established with multiple eBGP peers, which routers are advertised by the router?

A. Only BGP routes sourced on this router

B. Only BGP routes from AS 65006

C. BGP routes that passed through AS 65006 and BGP routes sourced on this router

D. All routes

Answer: C

Question No: 12

Which two operating mode does VPLS support?(Choose two)

A. transport mode

B. dynamic mode

C. strict mode

D. port mode

E. loose mode

F. VLAN mode

Answer: D,F

Question No: 13

Refer to the exhibit.


router eigrp 100

passive-interface FastEthernet0/0 network

network no auto-summary

neighbor FastEthernet0/0


When you apply this configuration to the router, which effect is true?

A. The router multicasts hello packets via interface F0/0

B. The router sends hello packets to neighbor via unicast

C. The router broadcasts hello packets via interface F0/0

D. The router stops sending hello packets to neighbor

Answer: D

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