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Q71. Which three steps are part of the root password recovery process? (Choose three.) 

A. Reboot the device. 

B. Run the recovery script. 

C. Reset the root password. 

D. Reset the user passwords. 

E. Load factory-default configuration. 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q72. Which command will allow you to quickly determine the administrative status of all interfaces on a Junos device? 

A. show interfaces status 

B. show interfaces summary 

C. show interfaces terse 

D. show interfaces admin 


Q73. During a password recovery, what is the next step after configuring the system to boot into single-user mode? 

A. Reset the root password. 

B. Press the space bar. 

C. Type recovery. 

D. Press the "Enter" key. 


Q74. — Exhibit —

user@router> show route 

inet.0: 9 destinations, 9 routes (9 active, 0 holddown, 0 hidden) 

+ = Active Route, – = Last Active, * = Both *[Direct/0] 00:09:40 >via lo0.0 *[OSPF/10] 00:01:50, metric 1 >to via ge-0/0/2.0 *[Static/5] 00:01:50 

Reject *[Direct/0] 00:06:09 

>via ge-0/0/2.0 *[Local/0] 00:06:09 

Local via ge-0/0/2.0 *[Aggregate/130] 00:00:06 

Reject *[Aggregate/130] 00:00:06 

>to via ge-0/0/2.0 *[Static/5] 00:00:06 

>to via ge-0/0/2.0 *[Static/5] 00:00:06 

>to via ge-0/0/2.0 

user@router> show configuration policy-options 

policy-statement demo { 

term 1 { 

from { 

protocol aggregate; 

route-filter longer; 

then accept; 

user@router> show configuration protocols ospf 

export demo; 

area { 

interface ge-0/0/2.0; 

— Exhibit —

Given the configuration and routing table shown in the exhibit, which routes will be advertised to OSPF neighbors because of the demo policy? 

A. only 

B. only 

C. and 

D.,, and 


Q75. You are asked to free up disk space so you can update your version of the Junos OS. 

Which two commands display the files that will be removed? (Choose two.) 

A. user@router> request system storage cleanup 

B. user@router> show system storage 

C. user@router> request system storage cleanup dry-run 

D. user@router> show system storage detail 

Answer: A,C 

Q76. You want to log in to the router and make a configuration change. 

After logging in as the root user, what is the next command you must enter? 

A. enable 

B. configure 

C. edit 

D. cli 


Q77. To which directory does the Junos OS write traceoptions files? 

A. /var/tmp/ 

B. /var/ 

C. /var/log/ 

D. /var/home/<username>/ 


Q78. Which statement describes transit traffic? 

A. Traffic addressed to the chassis that requires some form of special handling by the RE before it can be forwarded out an egress port. 

B. Traffic that enters an ingress port, is compared against the forwarding table, and is forwarded out an egress port. 

C. Any traffic that requires the generation of an ICMP message. 

D. Traffic that requires some form of special attention and does not pass through the device. 


Q79. Which source of routing information is preferred by default? 

A. OSPF internal 

B. OSPF external 

C. IS-IS Level 1 

D. IS-IS Level 2 


Q80. Which command do you issue to upgrade the current software on Junos devices? 

A. request system software replace 

B. request system software install 

C. request system software add 

D. request system software upgrade