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Q1. A customer purchased a new Communication Server 1000E SA system with five media gateways which includes:

MG 1: CPMG (Call Server, Signaling Server, Media Gateways Controller)

MG 2: Media Gateway Controller

MG 3: Media Gateway Controller

MG 4: Media Gateway Controller

MG 5: Media Gateway Controller

Which statement is true regarding the configuration of Media Gateway?

A. The Call Server and Media Gateway share the same ELAN IP address.

B. The Call Server, Signaling Server, and Media Gateway share the same ELAN IP address.

C. The Call Server and media gateway have different IP addresses.

D. The Call Server, Signaling Server, and Media Gateway have different IP addresses.

Answer: D

Q2. From which two ports is the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) composed, and in what order must they be configured?

A. First the host name and then the domain name

B. First the domain name and then the host name

C. First the COTS server IP address and then the port number

D. First the COTS server port number and then the IP address

Answer: A

Q3. A customer has completed the security configuration for the security servers in the Avaya Aura integrated system. The System is using Avaya Aura System Manager as the Primary Security Server. The Customer is accessing the Base manager of each Server from the Element list to perform base configuration changes. Aaa Base Managers are accessible except the primary server; When Clicking on the Primary Server, the customer is taken to the System Manager Dashboard page.

What is the recommended course of action for the customer?

A. Log into the System Manager command to access Base Manager.

B. On the system Manager Console, access UCM Roles to change access Privileges.

C. No action is required; System Manager does not have an associated base Manager.

D. Log into Base Manager of the Primary Security server using local-login to access the Base Manager.

Answer: C

Q4. Refer to the exhibit.

A Communication Server 1000E Rls. 7 x customer is adding a new Human Resources department with eight IP telephone users. The customer has asked for the telephones to be programmed with consecutive Directory numbers (DNs) from their DID range (2000- 2099).

Which numbers sequence is available to meet the customeru2019s requirements?

A. 2001-2008

B. 2010-2017

C. 2050-5057

D. 2091-2099

Answer: D

Q5. Click the exhibit button.

A technician is provisioning a new Communication Server (CS) 1000 Rls. 7x system for a customer, and is adding an SIP virtual route using Element Manager Routes and Trunnks.

What is the Trunk Type (TKTP)?

A. Integrated Service Access route (ISA)

B. TIE Trunk data block (TIE)

C. Automatic (TIE AUTO)

D. Direct inward Dialing trunk (DID)

Answer: B

Q6. A Communication Server (CS) 1000E Rls. 7x customer has decided to implement UNIStim security with DTLS.

Which statement regarding UNIStim security with DTLS is true?

A. It is provided by the Secure Multimedia Controller 2450.

B. It encrypts UNIStim signaling between the line Terminal Proxy Server and IP telephones.

C. It provides media security between the IP telephones.

D. It provides security between the Ip telephone and Call Server.

Answer: B

Q7. A customer is implementing a Communication Server 1000E (CS 1000E) Rls. 7x High Availability (HA) system. The customer wants to know if there are any special package requirements beyond the HA Package needed for the system.

Which two software packages are mandatory when deploying a CS 1000E system? (Choose two)

A. IPMG u2013 Media gateway 1000E package 403

B. SOFTSWITCH-Soft Switch Package 402

C. SBO u2013 Branch Office Package 390

D. SIP u2013 SIP Gateway and Converged Desktop Package 406

Answer: A,D

Q8. A technician is planning to upgrade a customeru2019s existing Communication Server 1000E Rls. 6.0 system. During the upgrade, a CPPM server card from storage will be added to provide an additional signaling server.

Which two statements describes what must be done to the CPPM server card to distinguished it as a signaling Server (Choose two)

A. Set switch 5 to position 1.

B. Set switch 5 to position 2.

C. Install one Compact Flash Drive (RMD) and one Hard Drive (FMD)

D. Install one Compact Flash Drives (one RMD and one FMD)

Answer: B,C

Explanation: From – NN43041- 310_05.06_Communication_Server_1000E_Installation_Commissioning.pdf – Doc


See Page 52 – Text in Brackets [] are added.

"CP PM card dip switch settingsThe CP PM card used in a VxWorks-based Server configuration [Call Server] must have switch S5 in position 1 to indicate that a Compact Flash (CF) card is used for the Fixed Media Drive (FMD).

The CP PM card used in a Linux-based Server configuration [Signaling Server] must have switch S5 in position 2 to indicate that a hard disk is used for the FMD."

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