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New Questions 1

Due to extreme system use, a Linux system requires some additional swap space. To initialize 5GB of additional swap space, which combination of commands should be used?

A. dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/swapfile bs=1024 count=5120000; mkswap /tmp/swapfile; mount /tmp/swapfile

B. dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/swapfile bs=1024 count=5120000; swapon /tmp/swapfile

C. dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/swapfile bs=1024 count=5120000; mkswap /tmp/swapfile; swapon/tmp/swapfile

D. touch -5G /tmp/swapfile; swapon /tmp/swapfile

E. mkswap /tmp/swapfile 512000; swapon /tmp/swapfile

Answer: C

New Questions 2

Which of the following init systems comes along with an own UEFI boot loader?

A. systemd

B. SysVinit

C. Upstart

D. OpenRC

E. launchd

Answer: A

New Questions 3

What should be done to ensure a client machine uses the recursive nameserver running on the IP address ? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. Add nameserver to /etc/resolv.conf.

B. Run route add nameserver

C. Run ifconfig eth0 nameserver

D. Ensure that the dns service is listed in the hosts entry in the /etc/nsswitch.conf file.

E. Run bind add nameserver

Answer: AD

New Questions 4

What command will remove a physical volume from a volume group? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)


vgreduce, /sbin/vgreduce

New Questions 5

A correctly formatted entry has been added to /etc/hosts.deny to prevent certain clients from connecting to a service but this is having no effect. What could be the cause of this? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. tcpd needs to be sent the HUP signal.

B. The service needs to be restarted.

C. The machine needs to be restarted.

D. There is a conflicting entry in /etc/hosts.allow.

E. The service does not support tcpwrapper.

Answer: DE

New Questions 6

Which of the following commands will securely copy the directory ./fyf/ to /var/tmp/ on the remote host deltaur using the remote user account kevin?

A. rsync -a -e ssh kevin@deltaur:/var/tmp/ fyf/

B. rsync -a -u kevin -e ssh fyf/ deltaur:/var/tmp/

C. rsync -a -u kevin -e ssh deltaur:/var/tmp/ fyf/

D. rsync -a -e ssh fyf/ kevin@deltaur:/var/tmp/

Answer: D

New Questions 7

Which of the following commands restores only those files containing lpi in their name from the archive lpifiles.tar.gz?

A. tar xvzf lpifiles.tar.gz –wildcards u2018*lpi*u2019

B. tar xvzwf lpifiles.tar.gz u2018*lpi*u2019

C. tar -xvfz lpifiles.tar.gz –deep u2018*lpi*u2019

D. tar -xvzf lpifiles.tar.gz –subdirs u2018*lpi*u2019

E. tar xvzf lpifiles.tar.gz –globbing u2018*lpi*u2019

Answer: A

New Questions 8

Which of the following commands erases the contents of the /dev/sdb3 partition?

A. rm /dev/sdb3

B. dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb3

C. dd of=/dev/zero if=/dev/sdb3

D. umount /dev/sdb3

Answer: B

New Questions 9

What action should be performed after increasing the size of a logical volume?

A. Run vgresize.

B. Increase the size of the filesystem used for the logical volume.

C. Run lvresize.

D. Remount the logical volume.

Answer: B

New Questions 10

The following command has just been run successfully: cd /opt; tar xvf /dev/nst0;

What will happen if the command sequence is run again?

A. An error saying that there is no tape present is generated because the tape has been ejected after being used.

B. The contents of /opt will be restored again.

C. The entire contents of /opt will be replaced with the contents of the next file on the tape.

D. The contents of /opt will have additional content added from the next file on the tape.

Answer: D

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