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Q211. HOTSPOT – (Topic 6)

You need to implement Community sites and eDiscovery centers in Office 365.

In the table below, select the Office 365 plan that you should use for each type of site. NOTE: Make only one selection in each column.


Q212. DRAG DROP – (Topic 1)

You need to install the appropriate versions of Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft .NET Framework in the server environment.

Which operating system and applications should you install? (To answer, drag the appropriate operating systems and applications to the correct server layers in the answer area. Each operating system or application may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.)


Q213. – (Topic 2)

You need to select the appropriate authentication method for App1.

What should you do?

A. Use classic mode authentication and set the authentication type to NTLM.

B. Use classic mode authentication and set the authentication type to Kerberos.

C. Use the SharePoint server-to-server security token service (STS).

D. Use the Open Authorization 2.0 (OAuth 2.0) web authorization protocol.

Answer: D

Q214. – (Topic 6)

A SharePoint environment contains a single web application at http://app1. Users access a site collection under the web application by using the URL http://portal.contoso.com.

You need to ensure that the site collection is also accessible at http://collaboration.contoso.com.

What should you do?

A. Run the New-SPSite Windows PowerShell cmdlet.

B. Run the Set-SPSiteUrl Windows PowerShell cmdlet.

C. Add collaboration.contoso.com as an alternate access mapping for the web application.

D. Extend the web application and add collaboration.contoso.com to the Intranet Zone.

Answer:: B

Explanation: The Set-SPSiteUrl cmdlet adds or changes an URL mapping for the site. The Set-SPSiteUrl cmdlet only applies to the root site collection for a host name that is, http://www.contoso.com. This cmdlet cannot be directly run against a managed path site collection underneath the root that is, http://www.contoso.com/sites/test.

Q215. DRAG DROP – (Topic 12)

An organization uses SharePoint Server collaboration sites for all projects. Each project has a unique site. Project team members have Contribute permission levels to each project site of which they are members.

Sites for completed projects must meet the following requirements:

✑ The project team members must be able to access files.

✑ They must be prohibited from editing or deleting files.

✑ They must not be able to change site permissions.

You need to configure the SharePoint environment to meet the requirements.

Which three actions should you perform in sequence? (To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.)


Q216. – (Topic 6)

You are managing a site collection in a SharePoint farm.

You need to configure the minimum level of permissions necessary for users to manage lists in the site collection.

What permission level should you configure?

A. Edit

B. Contribute

C. Read

D. Limited Access

Answer: A

Q217. HOTSPOT – (Topic 12)

You have a SharePoint Server 2013 server farm that uses a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database server.

You need to automate the backup of the content databases.

From which node should you perform the configuration? (To answer, select the appropriate node in the answer area.)


Q218. DRAG DROP – (Topic 12)

An organization migrates a SharePoint environment from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. The organization has a web application at http://intranet.contoso.com.

A corporate governance policy states that users of the web application must be able to create sites only with a compatibility level of SharePoint 2013.

You need to implement the governance policy.

Which three Windows PowerShell cmdlets should you run in sequence? (To answer, move the appropriate cmdlets from the list of cmdlets to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.)


Q219. HOTSPOT – (Topic 12)

You have a SharePoint Server 2013 server farm and a Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 organization.

The User Profile Service Application is provisioned and configured.

You need to ensure that when users navigate to their personal site, they can see their tasks from Exchange Server 2013 and from SharePoint Server 2013.

Which service application should you deploy? (To answer, select the appropriate service application in the answer area.)