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New IBM C2010-530 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 – Question 10)

New Questions 1

A company's users are seeing slow performance when opening the Work Order Tracking application. After some investigation it is determined that the default query is doing a full table scan.

How can this be prevented?

A. Verify default table indexes exist.

B. Verify columns in the SQL statement WHERE clause are not indexed.

C. Verify no leading wildcard character in the SQL statement WHERE clause.

D. Verify the Maximo user executing the SQL statement has query rights to the table.

Answer: A

New Questions 2

A company wants a weekly email notification sent to the assigned owner of the Work Order when the status of the Work Order is in a Waiting Material status.

What must be accomplished on the escalation point to meet this requirement?

A. Identify the calendar the escalation will use and set the repeat checkbox to active.

B. Identify the time end/or condition based criteria, and set the frequency checkbox to active.

C. Identify the calendar the escalation will use, identify the time and/or condition based criteria, and set the repeat checkbox to active.

D. Identify the time and/or condition based criteria, set the elapsed time interval to 1, set the elapsed time unit of measure to weeks, and set the repeat checkbox to active.

Answer: C

New Questions 3

A Maximo database administrator has imported too many database connections being idle and eventually causing the database to run out of connection resources. The administrator wants to detect and release stale database connections.

Which set of properties must be configured?

A. mxe.db.url, mxe.db.user, mxe.db.password

B. mxe.mbocount, mxe.db.logSQLTimeLimit, mxe.db.fetchResurltLogLimit

C. mxe.db.closelongruncoon, mxe.db.longruntimelimit, mxe.db.detectlongrunconninterval

D. mxe.db.initialConnections, mxe.db.minFreeConnections, mxe.db.maxFreeConnections

Answer: A

New Questions 4

A company is installing a new instance of Maximo on Linux and Maximo database creation fails. Where can files be found to help determine why it failed? (Choose two.)

A. /opt/IBM/SMP/ConfgTool/logs/

B. /opt/IBM/SMP/properties/versions/

C. /opt/IBM/SMP/maximo/tool/maximo/logs/

D. /opt/IBM/SMP/ConfigTool/database/logs/

E. /opt/IBM/SMP/ConfigTool/ant/WAS_ND_Configuration/logs/

Answer: AD

New Questions 5

In order to analyze Maximo system performance, the Maximo administrator wants to determine SQL statement execution time.

What logging feature is used?

A. Maximo SQL Logger

B. system property mxe.db.logSQL

C. system property mxe.mbocount

D. system property mxe.db.logSQLTimelimit

Answer: A

New Questions 6

A company wishes to perform validation on a field in an Application via a Domain. Which Maximo component would you link the Domain to?

A. Object

B. Lookup

C. Attribute

D. Application Control

Answer: A

New Questions 7

A company is creating a new Workflow process and wishes to allow users to pick from many options at a certain step in the process.

Which Workflow Node would accomplish this?

A. Task Node

B. Condition Node

C. Interaction Node

D. Manual Input Node

Answer: A

New Questions 8

Which database factor will most affect Maximo performance?

A. The number of Maximo tables.

B. Location of Maximo user records.

C. The number of database user accounts.

D. Location of Maximo database tables and indexes.

Answer: C

New Questions 9

A company has a requirement to modify a purchase requisition publish channel and filter out requisitions that have a status of APPR. This should be accomplished without developing any new code.

Which method should they implement to accomplish this?

A. User Exit

B. Message Routing

C. Processing Rules

D. Automation Scripts

Answer: A

New Questions 10

One of the organizations within a company does business in two currencies and has established a second base currency.

What must also be defined for this organization?

A. Valid financial period

B. Second chat of account

C. Valid exchange rate for the currencies

D. Chart of account for exchange rate variances

Answer: A

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