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2016 Aug 1Z0-053 Study Guide Questions:

Q171. You have 100 segments in the USERS tablespace. You realize that the USERS tablespace is running low on space. You can use Segment Advisor to _____.

A. identify the segments that you should shrink

B. modify the storage parameters for the tablespace

C. automatically shrink the segments with unused space

D. check the alerts generated for the tablespace that is running low on space

Answer: A

Q172. Which of the following statements is true when the database is in ARCHIVELOG mode and tablespaces are in hot backup mode?

A. Archive log generation is suspended until the tablespaces are taken out of hot backup mode.

B. Datafiles are not written to during hot backups.

C. Changes to the database are cached during the backup and not written to the datafiles to ensure that the datafiles are consistent when recovered.

D. The datafile headers are not updated during the backup.

E. The way data is written to the online redo logs is unchanged during the backup.

Answer: D

Q173. Which of the following does the recover command not do?

A. Restore archived redo logs.

B. Apply archived redo logs.

C. Restore incremental backups.

D. Apply incremental backups.

E. Restore datafile images.

Answer: A

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Far out oracle database 11g dba 1 1z0-053:

Q174. Which of the following advisors within the Oracle advisory framework will analyze a single SQL statement and make recommendations for performance improvement?

A. SQL Repair Advisor

B. SQL Optimizer

C. SQL Access Advisor

D. SQL Tuning Advisor

Answer: D

Q175. You plan to execute the following command to perform a Flashback Database operation in your database:


Which two statements are true about this? (Choose two)

A. The database must have multiplexed redo log files

B. The database must be in the MOUNT state to execute the command

C. The database must be in the NOMOUNT state to execute the command

D. The database must be opened in RESTRICTED mode before this operation

E. The database must be opened with the RESETLOGS option after the flashback operation

Answer: BE

Q176. Which tasks are run automatically as part of the Automated Maintenance Task by default? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Segment Advisor

B. SQL Access Advisor

C. Optimizer statistics gathering

D. Automatic SQL Tuning Advisor

E. Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor

Answer: ACD

1Z0-053  real exam

Exact exams 1z0-051 1z0-052 1z0-053:

Q177. You backed up the database at 8 a.m. today using an online backup. Accounting made a large change to the underlying data between 10 a.m. and noon. Which of the following actions would ensure that the changes could be recovered using the 8 a.m. backup?

A. Create a manual incremental online database backup.

B. Back up all the archived redo logs generated since the 8 a.m. backup.

C. Create a brand-new backup after all the changes have been applied.

D. There is no way to make the changes recoverable based on the 8 a.m. backup.

E. Perform an online backup of the tablespace(s) that contained changed data.

Answer: B

Q178. Which is the correct way to connect to both the target database and the recovery catalog from the RMAN command line? Assume that the target database is called ORCL and that the recovery catalog database is called RCAT. Also assume that the recovery-catalog owner is called RCAT_OWN. Assume the environment is configured for the ORCL database. (Choose all that apply.)

A. rman target=/ catalog=/@rcat

B. rman target=/ catalog=rcat_own/rcat_own

C. rman target=/ catalog=rcat_own/rcat_own@RCAT

D. rman target=sys/robert@orcl catalog=rcat_own/rcat_own@RCAT

E. You cannot connect to the target database and the recovery catalog at the same time.

Answer: CD

Q179. If two windows overlap, which window attribute will determine whether one should be chosen over the other?






Answer: A

Q180. You issue the following RMAN command to set a retention policy on a database:


What will be the outcome of issuing this command?

A. After two days, a backup will be marked obsolete

B. After two days, a backup will be deleted from the media

C. If the RMAN repository has records of two or more recent backups of a file, then older backups will be deleted from the media.

D. If the RMAN repository has records of two or more recent backups of a file, then older backups will be marked obsolete.

Answer: D

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